Backyard Jaunt

I made it outside for the first time since I left for Canada (2.5 weeks!) to see Ben and Valeria. Which is kind of crazy considering they’re in my back yard. 

I love these two!!!

I was so happy to see them and they were (much to my surprise) so happy to see me. They perked up and left their grazing to say hello. Not a common thing for the backyard owner because they normally see you every day. 

Ben has gotten fat! It’s times like this when I wish I had horse friends or boarded at a barn to beg rides for him. Instead I’m going to have to cut back on his precious food. I expect swift revenge. 

My sister’s old girl enjoying breakfast in bed.

Now I’m looking into back braces to help my recovery and give me support to prevent another back spasm episode (I have a sneaking suspicion my last lesson on Digger was the catalyst for all this). Anyone use back braces? Back on Track and Professional Choice both have one. 

One thought on “Backyard Jaunt

  1. Ugh back pain is the worst – at least being greeted by cute ponies probably makes you feel a little better!! Idk anything about back braces and have heard nothing about professionals choice – but ppl I know swear by BoT products. Good luck!


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