Spring Riding Update

Quite a few weeks ago I scheduled a lesson with R because I felt Aria sitting around week after week with just the occasional trail ride was pretty horrible. I was a little worried she was regressing in her training because I was having behavioral problems with her.

Aria is quite a bitch when she’s in season. She bites, kicks, charges, body slams, snakes, and in general has a bad attitude about everything regarding other horses. Add very little riding to the mix and it becomes difficult for me to get her to focus and be respectful of other horses. I think it doesn’t help that initially I laughed at her bad behavior. Sorry, I’m That Parent.

Seeing my enabling and error-filled ways I knew we both needed a lesson before everything escalated into a Come To Jesus moment. I loaded her up and hauled her north to her favorite place, Trainer R’s riding academy.

R worked with her on the ground of a line for most of the lesson. He could see several problems that weren’t from regressed training, just from Aria being spoiled and a bully. Alpha mares. Gotta love ’em. Basically I got a 101 on how to stop being a doormat.

Which is interesting because I didn’t even realize I was losing certain battles when I was riding. Due to R having back surgery during Aria’s last two months of training I never got to spend time working with R and Aria together. He did an excellent job of seeing my weaknesses and providing me with tools or solutions to fix the problems. I’m so glad he’s a patient but firm teacher because I had been riding without the eyes of a trainer for quite a few months and it took me my whole portion of the lesson to actually execute a proper circle. Round circles have always been an issue for me when I don’t have walls to encourage the shape.

We worked a lot on just the proper way to ask for a bend and a turn. I had setting my inside rein without giving on the outside. No wonder Aria was giving me shit. I’ve been riding like shit! Unfortunately I’m not really in a place where I can take regular lessons so I’ll just have to settle for them when I can logistically work them out.

R did send me some pictures from my lesson, which are above. I’m sad about two things.

1. Aria has lost all her wonderful muscle.

2. I’ve gained about 20lbs at my new job.

Bad news all around because we’re both out of shape. I definitely need to hit a gym and make better food choices (aka stop stress eating) because extra weight isn’t helping her out of shape back and I’m not thrilled with where my leg is when I ride. I look like I’m sitting in a chair.

All things considered I’m just happy to ride when I can, but I’m also hoping I can ride with some morsel of aptitude. Haha!

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Shameless plugging:

Go see my movie this weekend. 😉

Unfortunately I haven’t ridden in a few weeks now and I haven’t been to San Diego to do all the horse things I want to do. Work and family have been all consuming lately. Hopefully I’ll have an update that’s less a picture of a t-rex that I help build and more of a few horses and rides!