Back From A Break

Well, you all have Teresa to thank for this blog update.

Things have been good, they’ve been okay, and they’ve been kind of bad.

I cannot complain about the job. It’s been great and has definitely been the main source of all my highs since I moved to LA. Last week they threw a killer party at the park, shutting it down to the public and opening to the employees for two nights of unlimited food and drinks (including booze but I could not partake as you will find when I get to the bad portion of my post).

I’ve been moved from the fun and crazy floor of Consumer Products to the less fun and slightly boring floor of Legal and Publishing. What a snooze fest. Lol. But the quiet is nice for working, especially when I’m trying to source audio from a movie. I think I’ll eventually be moved to the Multimedia floor(s) to sit with my new team after the new year.

The down side to all this fun and exciting work is that I really miss my horses. I do drive down to San Diego pretty much every weekend but it’s not the same and not enough horse time for me. It’s definitely plummeted me into a bit of what I can only call depression, though I don’t feel I am a person inclined to bouts of depression, so perhaps it’s really more of a slump or funk. I’m still seeing my friends in LA and going out after work and having fun.

I’ve been living vicariously through Sara and getting all my horse fixes from her because we chat via Facebook messenger (if you want to be FB friends, let me know). I’m not around my horses except on the weekend and now even my weekend time with them is limited because on Thanksgiving weekend, as I was loading Valeria into my trailer she broke my finger (read: fracture and crushed). I wasn’t even in a dangerous position, seeing as I was outside of the trailer and had sent her in. Which just goes to show you can take all the precautions to avoid an accident and still have one because trailering horses really is as dangerous as they say.


Ring finger phalange is crushed and fractured by the joint.

I’ve been to the ER twice and saw two different orthopedic surgeons (specifically because the first was insane, gave me really questionable medical advice, and scheduled me for physical therapy 4 days after the injury). All of this because I was pinned by the tip of my finger to my horse trailer by a very large, and very scared horse.

Zombie finger!! Ahhhh!

I’m still not sure what scared her; she’s loaded fine for me several times before. I do have a plan to install rubber stoppers on all my dividers though to prevent that kind of crush accident again. What if I had been in the trailer with 1100lbs of scared horseflesh pinning me? It gives me chills.

I wont go into the details of how it all happened but if anyone is curious, hit me up and I’ll share.

And of course you all have probably heard about the fires in So Cal. That’s causing a lot of stress. My heart goes out to all the horses that have died and the people who have been injured, died, or lost all their worldly possessions. All the planning in the world cannot account for a swift moving fire. I do plan to donate my time in the coming weeks to all the evacuation zones with horses. Assuming they’ll take me with my bummed finger!

So yeah…that’s my update. Sorry I’ve been MIA. I just haven’t been in the best place recently.

Happy Hanukkah.