Olympic Gold

I was in Dallas this past weekend for an event and during dinner (we had at least 40 people) I was talking to my friend Mitch and I hear from the other end of our group my name, or variations of my name, being called frantically. I swiveled around and I see a woman from a table next to ours come over with my friend Gillian. The woman introduced herself as an eventer and that my friends had told her I rode horses as well. So we exchanged pleasantries and ask each other why we were in the area. She told me she was there for the weekend to do a show with Mike Huber. As in Olympic Gold Medalist, USEA Fall of Fame Mike Huber.

I have to admit, I was a little giddy. My friend Mitch perked up. He’s really into signing things. Like…he’s a writer and gets asked for his autograph, so he likes to sign just about anything he can. Books, autograph cards, stuffed animals, arms, babies, etc.. So while I’m getting all flustered about Mike Huber and talking about horses, he starts hitting me, not very discreetly, in the shoulder (because at this point he’s no longer sitting across from me, he’s now behind me). I know what he wants. He wants to sign an Olympian.

I can’t really blame him. I wanted to meet Mike Huber but I was also kind of getting red in the ears and embarrassed. Gillian and Mitch were pressuring me to initiate ‘contact’, like friends do. So finally after I finished off half a gin and tonic I decided I would in fact go ask my new equestrian friends if I could meet Mike and if my friend Mitch could sign him. Wouldn’t you know, it’s just how horse people are, I showed them my horse pictures, they showed me their horse pictures and when I asked if Mitch could sign Mike they were all game for it and even posed for pictures. And that’s how I met a gold medalist equestrian Olympian.

Confidence In Spades

In the last post I spoke about my lack of confidence while riding. I am pretty terrified while on horse back from time to time. This is a subject that will probably rear it’s ugly head on occasion. I’m not a confident rider. I haven’t been in years. I took a few hard spills off Ben before I stopped riding all together and just never got my riding legs again.

I will do my best to be honest with myself in this blog. I think self-reflection is the only way to better yourself. There are some personal topics related to riding I would like to write about but I don’t know if I feel comfortable speaking about them yet.

My next lesson will be learning to use spurs. In all my years of riding, I’ve never needed them but these lesson horses are a little stubborn and some are kind of lazy. I’m a total weenie about spurs. Every spur recommended to me looks so long but I have been assured that the nubby spurs I have are not sufficient enough.

Lost In Translation

I’ve only been with my current trainer for a couple months. We’re still learning what I do and don’t know and/or remember regarding my classical training. My lesson last Saturday went really well. I always surprise myself when I am asked to do something new. I either get it right away because it’s something my body remembers doing or I muddle along until my brain understands what my trainer is asking. I don’t exactly feel embarrassed but I feel something self-deprecating. I get frustrated that I can’t remember my cues. I should remember how to do a leg yield versus shoulder in versus turning on the forehand. Part of it is that the cues are not always the same from what I was originally taught and part of it is I just can’t remember what I’m doing. I guess a decade off will do that to you.

The nice thing is that my trainer knows when to praise me and when to tell me to get my ‘shit’ together. Of course the quickest way to get me to throw away a perfectly good frame is to tell me how great my current frame is. Guess the praise goes right to my head and I stop working at it. I’m also being put on horses that are considered hard to ride. Not because they aren’t trained but because they make you work for it. I like that challenge. It definitely has helped my confidence. I’m not ready to tackle Ben all by myself or start schooling him at the canter but I’m hoping we get there one day. Until then I’ll take lessons so that my skills are polished enough for Aria when she gets out of training.

A New Journey

I’ve never really been into blogging or keeping a journal, but over the past two years I’ve found myself talking more and more about horses, specifically my horses, on my social media accounts. I’m sure none of my non-horsey friends have any interest in it, which is obvious by the lack of replies and likes/favorites on those particular posts. So, I’ve decided I need an outlet where I can talk about my horses and my life as it effects my horses.

This blog will be a bit of a new journey for me. Which is great because the past two years has had a lot of beginnings for me and I’m hoping to share them with the equestrian blogging community and hopefully make some friends along the way that won’t roll their eyes so much when I start talking about my obsession: horses.