Post Vancouver Resting

Sorry I’ve been MIA. The day before I was to return from Vancouver I ended up in the emergency room and had to postpone my flight. Who would have thought picking up jeans off the floor would lead to 3 weeks of rest?? 2017 has been a bit of bad luck for me, but I won’t let that keep me down! 

Vancouver from Stanley Park.

Anyway, while my back recovers I’ll try to post but the medication I’m on makes me a little loopy and I’m afraid I’ll just post gibberish (I’m using my spare moment of clarity to write this). Haha. 

Gastown. Lots of animation studios in this area.

Other than the one incident, I had a great time watching the city have an existential crisis over snow and a salt shortage. They were not prepared. The snow and cold weather was a real treat and I loved spending time with my friends. Hopefully I can share more of my vacation with you in a later post (We are boring people but hey, maybe it’s worth sharing anyway!).

Dobbson Street. Warnings like this were common.

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