One Week Old

I was planning to post yesterday but I left my cell phone at home (omg, how did we live prior to cell phones? I couldn’t get anything done) and didn’t have any media to go with my wall of text.

First off, I noticed that when I haven’t had sleep in 5 days and I’m stressed about my horses, I kind of write like an asshole. Sorry about that. Probably should have waited to post about potential baby names once everyone was recovered so that my sleep deprived name wouldn’t think listing all the types of names I don’t like was a good idea. The good news is that Valeria is fully recovered. The first three days it really could have gone either way so I am extremely grateful she is alive. I don’t know if there is interest in the full recollection but if anyone is I’ll write a post about it. Otherwise, I’ll leave it alone.

May try to edit this in Photoshop to get rid of poop & other background noise.

I’ve got the names for the terrorist baby horse narrowed down to:
Alegría,  Aurora, or Catalina

My only resistance to Alegría is that people probably won’t pronounce it correctly. I can just see her being called an allergy medication her whole life instead of ah-leh-gree-ah. Maybe it would be good pay back for all the trouble she’s getting into. >:) I am trying to consider what she will mature into, versus the adorableness she is now when picking the final name.


The last thing I’ll see before I die.

We’re working on not gumming people to death, not kicking at people, and not trying to jump up on people when they are bent over. I don’t recall any of my other babies being such handfuls. Haha. Now that she’s a week old we’re going to crack down on halter training and fly mask training.

She’s absolutely huge. I think perhaps she’s part moose. I know I said it before, but babies are supposed to be cute and tiny, and she’s…not. She’s got the cute part down but not the tiny part. Her legs are as long as Valeria’s and I’m pretty sure she weighs somewhere close to 135lbs now.

When your one week old foal makes your dad look small.

You guys. I’m totally smitten by this little horse. I could go on and on about her but I’ll keep my gushing down to a minimum because normally I don’t gush about my horses. I love them but our love is subtle and quite. I’ve never called them my best friend, or my heart horse. They aren’t terms I’ve ever used so this head-over-heels feeling is really, really new to me! I don’t even have grossly cute nicknames for my horses but I call this filly ‘snoogie-boogie’. What is happening to me?

She found the camera. Abort! Abort!

Naming Baby

I really thought I’d be fielding boy names. I’m really glad I’m not because I’ve already devoted a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to this pair (I stabbed myself with a needle this morning so blood is 100% checked). Not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed a stud colt just as much, but I think all this extra work is much more palatable knowing I’m putting all this dedication into something I’m going to keep.

Evil, evil straw.

My vet’s assistant asked me if I was a Game of Thrones fan because of Aria, Ben, and Valeria but the funny thing about that is Ben was named after the Canadian Olympian horse Big Ben, Aria came to me already named, and Valeria was named by my sister who wouldn’t know Game of Thrones if it hit her in the face. Plus I don’t like to name my animals after pop culture because then you and everyone else has the same name for their pet. ‘My dog is named Sheldon because I like The Big Bang Theory’. Very original.

I like the way this ear tastes!

Now that I’m axing any suggestions of Sansa or Khaleesi (ugh) to my facebook friends I can get serious about picking a name.

And by the way, I am not bagging on anyone’s choice of names. If you like a name, no one should tell you otherwise. I’m just particular about how I choose a name.

Helicopter ears like Aria!

This little filly was born on Purim which is sort of celebrated like a Jewish Halloween and was born on a full moon. I know her sire is homozygous gray, so she will be gray (plus she has white hairs around her eyes and under the base of her tail). I would like to stick to Spanish names because she’s the Carthusian type Andalusian and I’m more inclined to pick a human name over a ‘pet’ name (e.g. Sugar/Flash/Spot).

The list so far:

Reina (queen)
Catalina (pure)
Alegria (joy)
Aurora (dawn)
Estrella (star)

I very much believe that you should name them for what you want them to be. I have hopes for some serious dressage butt kicking so I’m trying to pick names that align with that idea. She has a lot to live up to with her current family members.

Her sire is the famous Andalusian stallion Escamillo.

(he’s also on youtube under Mario’s Andalusians or Mario Contreras but since I don’t know him on sight I can’t say which one he is in the various videos.)

Her half-brother is the award winning Brioso MA.

Her grandsire on her dam’s side is FATUO DE NADALES. He’s just so-so for me but has won a lot of dressage satin.

I’m trying to stay away from names like:

Coqueta (flirt)

Ingrata (ungrateful)*

What do you think? Like anything listed? Have a name to add? I’m really open to ideas right now.

*Valeria’s registered name is Ingrata. 😦

Quick Valeria/Foal Update 3

Well, unless things go badly with the vet this afternoon it looks like Valeria will have almost made a full recovery.

Hopefully today is her last uterine flush. Finger crossed.

Meeting Ben. Crummy screenshot but I don’t care!

She’s drinking water again and the weather has cooled down a little. I’m hoping she won’t be dehydrated when I get home. She was borderline yesterday.
She seems to be producing a lot more milk now that she’s on oxytocin and donperidone. Apparently donperidone will make a mare lactate even if she isn’t pregnant/hasn’t had a baby.

Was that a lion? I think it was a lion.

We’re possibly looking at the light at the end of this tunnel. Which is great because I’m not sleeping well. I just toss around in bed and watch V and the foal on the live feed. Even though they’re both doing better, this camera is totally enabling my insomnia. lol

A few nights of sleep would really help me think of a name for our new tyrannical overlord addition…

Quick Valeria/Foal Update 2

The live feed is back up. I feel Valeria is doing well enough for that. My vet is coming this afternoon so we’ll have a better idea of the road ahead of us.

Baby is thriving. A little too much. I guess that’s what happens when you are born the size of a linebacker, or as my vet said, a 6 week old foal. Seriously she’s a huge beast. Easily over 115lbs at this point.

Eat your Wheaties, kids. I’m not even 48 hrs old & can bench 245lbs.

Valeria, in her best judgement, decided to eat all the straw in her stall. It was literally a challenge, even though she had tons of grass hanging. This led to colic (IMO, cannot confirm for sure) Sunday night. My vet showed up and did the usual colic triage. Banamine is currently Land Hippo’s best friend.

Monday morning I was not convinced that she was over whatever was ailing her. I had the vet out again, we hooked Valeria up to an IV and did a uterine flush (she did not pass her placenta and with our vet’s directions we assisted in removing it Saturday night but something must have lingered). She’s receiving antibiotics to fight the infection. I think we’re lucky to have caught it so soon.

Doped into oblivion.

Lastly, Valeria isn’t producing much milk. She’s getting injections of oxytocin for that and later today we’ll bust out the big guns and give her domperiodone. We’re giving the baby some milk supplementation. Originally goat milk but her palette is too refined so now we’re using milk replacer and hopefully teaching her to drink from a bucket.

It does look like Valeria is on the upswing. I am hopeful but cautious. At least I’m to a point that my biggest stress is from watching baby chew on Valeria’s mane and tail (omg, I’m so sad about this). Even though I’m force to work because of deadlines, my entire block has stepped up to help feed Valeria every two hours and get some milk replacer into the baby. Small towns are nice and the horse community is even nicer.

At first I thought Valeria had a baby buffalo. Now she looks more like a mule.

Oh and in case any of you see Valeria going after Ben, she is more stressed when he is moved away than when he is nearby. She just doesn’t want the creepy old guy next door talking to her kid. Or something. She’s a weird horse. I’ve got a story about that for another post.

Quick Valeria/Foal Update

In full disclosure, I turned the live feed off because Valeria coliced last night and is still showing abdominal discomfort this morning.  The baby isn’t getting enough milk because Valeria isn’t producing much so I am attempting to supplement with goat milk. Overall baby seems bright but today will be hotter than yesterday so I’m worried about dehydration. Especially since Valeria’s food intake is very limited until she’s feeling better. 

I didn’t want to just pop in here and say the camera feed is down because mare and foal aren’t doing well or remain silent and not give an update at all. That would lead to unfair burning questions. 

I’m staying positive and very optimistic about this going well if we can get Valeria more comfortable and her meds start helping her produce milk. Worse case I ship both off to my vet for around the clock care. Positive thoughts!

Filly Teaser

I will have words tomorrow. I’m too tired today and incapable of doing much except stay cool (it’s suddenly in the high 80’s today–29-30°C for my metric friends) and melt around this baby. 

I am dead.

Milk Test Was A Success & Now I’m Freaking Out.

According to the instructions on this post at Chronicle of the Horse, and per instructions from the breeder, I should be in FOALCON 1 (okay, maybe bump it down a notch Karen, FOALCON2).


I’m not freaking out. You’re freaking out.

According to the strip test Valeria is 24-48 hours from foaling when her pH level drops below 7 and the color is like a buttery yellow and her TH (calcium) is above 200 ppm. Once her calcium is above 500 ppm we are just hours away. 

I’ll be testing her again around noon to decide if I’m going to my lesson or if I’m going to stay home. Decisions, decisions!!

I will keep you all posted!