St. Paddy’s Day Weekend

Since I’m sitting at work with nothing to do while they set me up with a new computer I’m going to take advantage of the down time and write a quick little blog (or maybe a big blog. We’ll see how it goes).

I was down in San Diego last weekend, I try to alternate weekends, but because of all the rain the ground was too wet and my riding plans were nixed. It also looks like this current weekend will get washed out as well. I can hear east coasters laughing at not riding because of wet ground.

I love the way she moves. Can’t wait to see what we can do in a dressage court.

Saturday I spend pretty much the whole day at my cousin’s kid’s birthday party which featured pony rides, bounce houses and slides, piñatas, an Easter egg hunt, an ice cream truck, a mobile wood fire pizza setup…probably a few other things I missed, I’m sure. This kid is Spoiled. With the capital S. I did manage to bounce before clean up, I helped with setup, and scored an 8ft beach ball to torture my horses with and the largest Pusheen plushie I have ever seen.

Before you think I left early to avoid clean up–even if you are partially right–I also had to get to my parent’s place with enough daylight to doctor Catalina. She had come up 3 legged lame a few days before and needed a new wrap for her heel abscess. She seemed 100% sound on Saturday, so the abscess must have blown before I saw her. Or she’s dramatic. I mean…it could go either way.

This better not turn into a recurring issue.

Because I’m not around so much, she is not getting handled much. She took 2 full doses of sedative to calm down when the vet came to see her! Yeah, delicate flower she is not. This made wrapping her foot fairly difficult but she did eventually settle enough for me to get my job done. It probably would have gotten done sooner but at one point when I was packing her back foot she sat on me and that turned into a whole issue. Haha. It’s not really funny. My back still hurts 5 days later.

But thems the breaks with a baby who isn’t getting handled much, is now 15 hands (the legs on this girl, longer than Ben who is 15.2-15.3), and way smarter than she gets credit for by everyone but me. Even simple things like grooming and leading, which we had solid in October, are now difficult. I think Catalina needs a couple sessions with R to remind her of her place in this world. Followed up by more handling when I’m in town.


When she stopped being a wiggle worm I groomed her. She loved it and with my Sleek-EZ shed a whole other horse. She looks patchy and mangy now which I find hilarious. However, I can see how thin she is, which makes me sad but her joints are so stressed from her crazy growth that keeping her ‘light’ is preferred until they calm down.

Valeria looks so good now with her mane and tail partially grown out.

I hit Saturday night, St Patrick’s Day, pretty hard to help assuage some of my guilt about being an absentee owner for my clever girls. Memo to me: avoid this tactic in the future.

Drunk Karen has way more fun that Sober Karen. She also throws caution to the wind and screws up all of Sober Karen’s plans. For example, Sober Karen is saving for a dressage saddle so I can show Aria. Drunk Karen took this money and purchased what I now refer to as the YOLO Treat Yo Self saddle.

Drunk Karen got a hell of a deal, so I’m not even that mad. I mean, I’m a little mad that Sober Karen can’t find good deals and that I have to refer to myself as two different people because this is not the first time Drunk Karen has made crazy purchases.

Looks like Aria and I will be focusing on Working Equitation full time for now. Not a bad thing because I like WE a lot and the last time I rode we executed opening and closing a gate, with one hand, so beautifully that I lost my mind after and praised Aria for like…15 minutes.

Happy Birthday Aria! March 21!

I don’t actually know when she was born but I do know it was around this time, so I made her birthday the first day of spring. She’s been just a fresh breath of air for my horse ‘career’ that I feel the date is appropriate. I’m so happy to have found her. We’ll pretend the saddle is her birthday gift! Happy 6th Birthday, Aria!

Happy Birthday to Valeria as well! Her birthday was on March 10. March is so crazy for me. My parents’ anniversary, March 2. Mom’s birthday, March 3. Dad’s birthday, March 5. Valeria’s birthday, March 10. Catalina’s birthday, March 11. Aria’s birthday, March 21. Keep piling them on, March. I can take it!

Go big or go home seems to be the trend in this particular post. March is also a big month because I start PT on my previously broken/crushed finger. The bones are healed, I just need to address the pain and gain fully mobility again. Fingers crossed the numbness fades because it’s the ring finger and kind of important for feeling your horse through the reins.

And that’s my rough recap. Except that I started this post at 10am and should have been back in action by 11:30am but here I am at 2:25pm still waiting for my computer to finish doing it’s thing. LOL.


Wow. I don’t even know where the time goes anymore. My days are so busy, I think even if I wanted to blog I couldn’t consistently find time to post regularly. But I’m hoping this constant stretch of weeks without posting isn’t my new normal. I like to be busy, but not this busy.

Work is insane. I’m hoping that changes when we get a new person. I’m the only person doing my job and I support the entire world. Logging in every morning to almost 200 new emails is a normal day for me.


Baby Blue is so cute. I need one.

There have been a couple milestones since I last posted. Last night my fingernail finally came off (read ripped off. Yay). So at least that particular source of pain is gone. The naked nail bed is going to present it’s own problems for a few more weeks. I’ve got an appointment on Monday for my finger because I’m still experiencing a lot of pain and during a ride last weekend I felt what I can only describe as a crunch when Aria rooted at the reins.

Another milestone that you probably figured out: I’m riding again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andalusian bedhead is strong.

It’s a total pain in the ass to tack up because my finger isn’t 100% but I don’t even care because I can actually spend my time on my amazing mare and that is all I live for right now.

In an effort to be totally honest, living in LA sucks and this dream job is seriously impacting my dream hobby. My horse time quota is so low, I may as well not even own horses. I can only go to San Diego every other week. Which means my saint of a mare is only ridden 2x in 14 days. It’s criminal.

When you lunge one and the other liberty lunges of their own accord. Winning.

But I take heart knowing that this move to LA was extremely temporary and I’m actually looking at jobs right now to move back to San Diego. There’s a light at the end of this horse barren tunnel. 🙂

The last major milestone is Catalina turned 1 on March 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Workin’ it.

Sorry for all the exclamation points. I’m very excited about a few things. Obviously.

Catalina is now almost as tall as her mom. Which puts her at 15-15.1h. I’ll have to stick her when I see her this next weekend. I don’t know when she got so tall but she was definitely a solid 15h at 11 months. It’s kind of crazy and my short legs hope she doesn’t clear 16h but the dressage rider in me is screaming 16.3h!

Valeria has to actually make an effort to see over her spawn.

Things aren’t perfect right now but I know they are a necessary means to an end and I’m sort of okay with that. I wont pretend I haven’t been getting depressed (or at least my version of depressed) by my current lifestyle but I also know that I made this choice and I knew what I was signing up for. I just didn’t realize that boarding up here would be a no-go.

Time to get that 6 figure job or snag a rich hubby! 😉

Hopefully it wont be so long between the next post and this one. Love you guys, miss you guys, and I hope I’m back in the blog scene soon!