Spurn By Spurs

As I’m riding lesson horses more, watching my filly’s training, and watching other dressage students I’m realizing spurs are kind of a must and something I will have to learn to use properly. Spurs are not something I’ve ever had to use. Either because my horse didn’t need them or because I wasn’t concerned about getting a perfect performance. Now that I’m interested in showing, it’s very obvious that spurs will be part of my training.

Unfortunately Ben has a lot of ‘go’ but likes to blow through cues (like…every cue…including halts, half halts, and flexing to a halt) when pressure is applied to his sides. Plus the last time I rode him in spurs he chucked me hard, so he is not the ideal candidate for me to learn on. I texted my trainer that I didn’t feel like learning how to fly and I would be leaving Ben at home for future lessons.

This feels like a step back for me in my confidence. Rationally I realize it’s not my fault Ben isn’t the horse for the job this time around but emotionally it’s frustrating when I feel like we’re never going to mesh as a team.

You think heels are hard? 1 3/4″ of metal hanging off the back of your foot is hard.

On the lesson front, we worked on the proper application of spurs. It wasn’t difficult to pick up but I found the feel of them made me raise my heels so I had to consciously work on dropping my heels which has never been an issue before. Funny how one little thing caused my legs to totally lose it.

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