A Pound of Flesh

I was supposed to have a lesson on Saturday but honestly, my uterus did not want me sitting on a horse. So I passed. Which kind of bums me out because I look forward to my lessons more than I realized.

Two weeks ago I went up to my trainer’s place to see how Aria is coming along. She’s looking great but definitely needs more time with the trainer to be a safe horse. He had to spend some time teaching her to be a vaulting horse because she automatically tried to kick a rider when they started to slip or fall off. She’s super light and has good self carriage, which is really impressive for an unregistered little backyard horse. I’m really impressed with her current foundation and can’t wait to see where she is in another 3 months.

“Does this look like a face that would kick you while you’re down?”

Yesterday,  Valeria and Ben had their feet done. It didn’t go so well with Valeria (a previously unhandled broodmare. Surprise, surprise). She’s a bully (super obvious when I went to look at her because she did whatever she wanted regardless of the woman holding the lead rope) and I knew at some point I was going to have a ‘conversation’ with her about biting. I wasn’t sure when, but I knew it was coming and yesterday was definitely Part I. She decided to nip at me and then try to nail the farrier (I guess her trim was taking longer than she wanted). I didn’t even have time to go after her because my farrier was so quick on the reprimand that she basically behaved after that. I say ‘basically’ because she likes to toe the line even after being corrected. Now she knows that my farrier wont take her shit but I still have to wait for Bite Conversation Part II.

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