I’m not going to be name dropping my trainers on this blog because I want to respect their brand and I don’t want any of my downfalls to reflect on them or their training but I do want to clarify that I have two trainers. One instructs me on my riding (and whichever horse I am currently riding) and one is training Aria.

In the future I will refer to my riding instructor as ‘my trainer’ or ‘P’ and the trainer working with Aria as ‘my other trainer’ or ‘R’. Which one is classified as ‘my other trainer’ may eventually change because P trains dressage and R trains classical high school. I seriously covet classical training and know at some point I’ll move from P’s dressage program to R’s classical riding academy.

If I hadn’t taken a 10 year break from riding and lived closer to my trainers I probably would have jumped right into the riding academy. Nothing makes me itch more than when R talks to me about my old trainer and the high school riding he knows I’m capable of.

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