Hippo Watch 2017

I wanted to post this yesterday but I was having some technical difficulties.

According to the calendar today is Valeria’s due date, but since she hasn’t been bagging up as much as expected I assume she’s going to make us wait for this foal to come. My solution? A surveillance camera. That way I can watch from the comfort of my work desk (and bed!).

I purchased the camera on Tuesday but was having some issues getting the wifi to work. On Wednesday I got the wifi to work but realized my router’s signal wasn’t strong enough to talk to the camera out in the stall. So I bought an extender/repeater and got it all set up last night. The night vision is really awesome and myself and a friend in LA wasted hours watching Valeria eat, sleep, and lick the ground(?).

I’m really surprised by how active she is, compared to Ben. She moves around a lot and really likes the upper right hand corner. I might play with camera angle this afternoon to see what’s so interesting. For some reason I feel it may be a zip tie.

If you want to watch her be April the Giraffe 2.0 I’ve embedded the live feed below (hopefully, hopefully!) if not it will just be a link.

Hippo Watch 2017

You’ll definitely see me in the stall with her in the afternoons and possibly see other people feeding/cleaning/giving water. The camera has audio so I apologize for anything you may hear. Lol



With some guidance from Amanda C. over at the $900 Facebook pony blog I’m going to do a milk test today to see how close she is to foaling. That way if anyone is interested in watching for the birth, you don’t have to waste your time watching the riveting life of a corralled horse. I will post all about milk testing and my success (or failure!) at it this weekend! Will I be able to collect any milk? Will I get kicked? Tune in to find out!

Okay, seriously, I’ve been watching Valeria for hours now and no matter how boring, I don’t care. lol. I apologize if the feed is slow or buggy. Facebook friend and Twitter followers have been flooding it since last night. I’m pretty sure my internet company is going to bitch about my bandwidth use this month. XD

6 thoughts on “Hippo Watch 2017

    • All I did at work yesterday was watch the camera (of course I got work done but…) and apparently a friend of mine watches all night while because she has a book deadline to make. Haha. It’s also really weird when Valeria looks right at the camera. Maybe it makes a noise we can’t hear.


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