12 thoughts on “Udder: A Progress 

  1. Looks like you’ve still got some time 🙂 are you testing her milk with the test strips? That was dead on accurate for me and I only slept in the barn one night!


  2. I think you’re still a ways out too. Lots of edema but not actually filling out much in the udder and teats yet. My friends mare looks very similar to this and still has another month or so to go. Highly recommend milk testing! It’ll save you lots of time and stress.

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    • Thanks for the recommendation! You’re the third person to recommend the milk test. It looks very reliable.
      Her original due date is March 3 but when I count 11 months 11 days I get March 12. So, I think the milk test will give me a much better idea of how close she really is. I think between the wet weather and the stallion’s owner warning me about a lot of mares dropping early I went into a small panic 🙂


      • Ah! I saw that link and printed it out this morning. Haha.
        Also, I swear I can math, 11 months 11 days is March 9. Lol
        I’m wary to attempt milk gather because she’s being pretty nasty about going near there but I was going to pick up strips today and take my chances anyway. I’m updating with a post either tonight or tomorrow morning. 🙂
        Thanks for the help! I need to be told to chill. Haha.


      • I’d at least check it out and make sure it’s not looking mastitis-y (her edema looks pretty normal so I don’t have a particular reason to say that, but it’s worth getting a better look anyway just to make sure). I’d be attempting to handle her teats daily anyway, since you’re going to want to clean them well before baby is born, and of course baby is going to do it’s fair share of damage down there anyway. Just don’t get kicked. 😉 But if you can at least express some fluid into a small container (you don’t need much) you can get a better idea of where she’s at. The more yellow and/or transparent it is, the longer you have. The thicker, stickier, whiter, and more opaque it is, the closer you are.

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      • She’s definitely not mastitis-y. Dealt with that while raising sheep for FFA. No heat and her udder is soft to palpation (at least when she lets me feel). I’m going to try to appease her with carrots while getting milk tonight. She’s very food motivated. 🙂


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