Turkey Trot

On Thanksgiving I did a Turkey Trot with my sister and her boyfriend. I don’t know about other places but Turkey Trots in my area are just thinly veiled excuses to ride horses and drink. They’re usually full of weekend warriors and trail riding yahoos. A good bunch to have fun with but you’ll definitely be around people who don’t know or care about equestrian-to-equestrian courtesies. Like going the speed the least experienced rider is comfortable with or tying ribbons on tails to indicate kickers, biters, stallions, etc.

So Cal. Land of dead vegetation.

Fun fact: Ben is not ‘beer broke’. He was okay with people cracking open beer but not really okay with any lingering hissing from the cans. Not that I really ever had a need to crack open a cold one while on horseback but these Turkey Trot riders were very adamant that it’s a skill I should teach my horse. For the sake of ‘sacking out’ it’s probably not a bad idea if I ever want to drink a soda while riding?

The path was a nice nature trail that they recently graded for a 5k run earlier that morning. I tapped out at a beer and a half because I move very quickly from the liquid courage category to the unsafe to ride category otherwise. We led our group at a brisk walk for the most part. No slow pokes here. It was fun and pretty uneventful. Which is nice. The last Turkey Trot we did years ago a really drunk woman came off in a glorious cartwheel after her knee made contact with the corner of a fence while galloping around a corner.


It was a little more spectacular than this.

Overall 10/10, would go again.

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