1 Horse, 2 Horse, Old Horse, New Horse

I wrote this when I first created this blog, trying to build up some draft posts and then a day later bought Valeria. So Aria is not my most recent purchase anymore.

I’ve always been really fortunate horse shopping. I don’t take a trainer or do a vet check, mostly because I’m crazy I’ve always relied on my gut instinct with a horse. My two most recent purchases happened when I wasn’t even shopping for a new horse. I really believe that the right horse will find me, or at least that’s how I’ve been conducting myself since my last horse purchase over 15 years ago. I know that’s really rolling the dice and hoping lady luck is on my side but it’s worked so far.

The first horse my parents purchased, Banjo, was a surprise. My sister and I had no input on what we wanted because we didn’t even know we were shopping for a horse. He turned out to be an amazing babysitter. He packed us around everywhere and in general was lazy unless asked to canter.

The second horse we got, Hershey, and the first horse to call all my own was another one that I didn’t make the purchase decision on. She was a birthday present and was waiting for me when I got home from school. If the first horse was a great babysitter, this second horse was a damn saint. We were super connected and I never got hurt with her, despite my more idiotic ideas of horsemanship as a kid.

My third horse, Apollo, was a colt out of Hershey. I hand-picked the stallion and planned everything. This baby was going to be my dream horse and I was going to show in dressage and possibly jump. Things didn’t go as planned and he passed days before his second birthday.

On to horse number four, who I still have. I bought Ben fresh off of the heartbreak of Apollo. It was a rash decision but he was big and chestnut and had chrome and I wanted him. He was everything I hoped Apollo would mature into. Looking back, he was a terrible purchase for an 18 year old who had no experience with a green horse. I was bucked off. A lot. After a particularly hard fall I stopped riding all together. I was afraid and didn’t want to get hurt anymore.

Shortly after that I went to makeup school in Los Angeles and I had to euthanize my mare due to colic. I fell out of love with horses for a while from too much heartbreak.

Then last year my sister sent me a listing for a gangly little Andalusian filly and my interest in horses was fully rekindled. My trainer at the time tried to talk me out of looking at her but I ignored the unwanted advice. I took my sister with me and we tried her out twice. We were under the impression that the filly was broke to ride and found out after a 15 minute under saddle workout that she had never been ridden before. I was sold. She was smart and levelheaded (obviously!). I started with new trainers, who I had idolized for over a decade, and so far Aria has been amazing.

To come back to the whole point of this post, I have learned in my equestrian life that when I try to control it too much it goes badly for me. When I let it happen organically and allow the universe to control it, I get much more in return.

2 thoughts on “1 Horse, 2 Horse, Old Horse, New Horse

    • It’s hard. I hate horse shopping. And obviously I don’t spend big money on horses or I would be doing PPEs.
      Hopefully some nice horses come around for you to check out. I know Temecula (40 mins north of San Diego) tends to have a lot of Hunter and Jumper horses. Also, there’s a horse park in San Marcos with a big jump-geared facility but I don’t think it can rival your place/any place in that immediate area.


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