Changes in LA

I’ve been in LA working for Universal officially a year now and as I got close to my one year anniversary I decided to do some self reflection. In all that glorious self awareness (haha…) I decided to put my horses’ needs and my health needs before my wants and desires.

My flabby girl. ❤

In doing that I have officially put Valeria on the market. Last weekend I hauled her up to a well known Andalusian trainer for consignment. We’re both hoping Valeria will have a new home by December, especially since it seems like the trainer already has an interested client.

Beautiful Somis, CA. Retirement goals.

However I woke up today to blazing fires evacuating the area around where Valeria currently is, so…fingers crossed the fire goes along it’s merry way and leaves my girl alone. So far the trainer says the horses are safe and not in danger of the fire.

Those aren’t clouds hiding behind that hill.

I’ve also decided to move out of LA to an area with better air quality. It will increase my commute time by double but this smog is killing me–literally. Luckily the area I’ve pick is a true horse community and I will be able to move Aria up for some much needed TLC and riding. She’s really been suffering without the daily fly prevention care.

I do have to consider if keeping Catalina is reasonable but she still has 3 years or growing to do before I have to worry about her future. Three years is plenty of time to move back to San Diego but in the mean time I’m making short term and long term plans.

I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring for my equestrian life. With all these changes, I’m excited. And you bet I’m going to have an awesome picture of Aria and I riding by Disney Studios. 🙂

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