One Week of This New Life

What an absolute whirlwind the last week has been. Let me tell you, the new job is cool, but the new job is clearly going to demand lots of overtime. Which, on one hand is super nice because I’m currently hourly and my eyes sparkle a little at the thought of overtime and maybe even golden time pay-Cue angels singing–but on the other hand will probably come with added stress. 

I’ve said many times before that my major source of stress relief is my time spent with my horses. Something about how zen you have to be to keep them zen is just wonderful. I won’t have that easily accessible outlet in LA for a while and the weight of that definitely came crashing down as I drove away from San Diego. I have no shame in admitting there was quite a bit of ugly crying happening on that drive, only some of it from awful LA traffic. 

On the flip side, when I came home for the weekend and stepped into the barn Aria went nuts in her stall. 100% it was excitement and a reaction to seeing me. I’m not even anthropomorphizing her, we just have that bond that Iberian horse are known for. It was a very pleasant surprise and earned her some extra attention and love.

14th floor! Apparently a window on the 18th shattered yesterday. Talk about air condition!


Of course Catalina screamed her little head off too. She’s so adorable I just want to punch her and smoosh her face. I have serious bouts of cute aggression around her which is stave off by stuffing her with treats and food (heaven help her hay belly, I am doing nothing to prevent it).

This was my day 1 gift. I have used it twice already b/c IT savvy my coworkers are not.

Valeria and Ben, while interested to see me, weren’t over the moon. They have each other and that seems to keep them happy. Ben’s lifetime pasture mate, my sister’s senior mare, was moved off the property for a while, and when she returned he put on a reunion show worthy of an Emmy. I don’t get the same greeting when I’m gone all week, so I assume his first love is that cute little palomino. Haha. 

I want to write about some very fun and exciting rides I’ve had over the last two weekends but I’m currently on a plane headed to Dallas (go figure it’s the only time I have to blog lol) and I feel those posts require proper media and planning. Speaking of–sorry for the lack of media on this post. I’ll make it up to you! I also need to make time to read blogs. It was a regular thing for me and now I miss reading about everyone’s adventures. 

Sob. Me too, Joe. Sob.

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