Last Week On Spanish Walk…

I left you all with a terrible cliffhanger last week and I only marginally apologize for doing that to you. I knew it was a done deal but I didn’t want to say anything until the ink had dried. Something about all your eggs being in one basket, and what not.



Last week I was offered a position at NCBUniversal, not the theme park but the production studio even though they’re located in the same place. I’ve been trying to get into a studio since I graduated make-up school in 2006. I absolutely couldn’t say no, especially since it wasn’t an IT position (YES). This will be a huge change for me and a brand new career path. I’ll be working in the Consumer Products and Licensing department handling all movie and tv assets (or as I’ve told a few people: getting paid to stare at Chris Pratt all day). I don’t know what I’m allowed to share about this position just yet, but I will when I can.


Yup. Totally willing to look at that all day. I’ll even work overtime.


I’m starting on Wednesday, the background check having only cleared this morning. What this insanely quick turn of events means for me is moving over the next few weekends. Normally I would take a week off to get all that squared away but Universal was pretty insistent that I start ASAP. So now I’m trying to figure out the logistics of moving from San Diego to Burbank. Luckily I can stay with a friend for the time being but I’ll have to go house/apartment shopping eventually.


I also have to go barn shopping. Something I’ve NEVER done before. I don’t know what I’m looking for and I anticipate it being rather stressful to find a place that will cater to my delicate princess, Aria. I have no clue what is normal barn management. I am pretty excited to have someone else clean poop though! Even though it won’t be for a while. Aria and Co. are probably going to have to cool their heels until after the New Year. Barn shopping will definitely have to be a whole blog post on its own.


I’ll be traveling to San Diego on the weekends to get in two days of riding a week, so don’t worry, this blog won’t wither away. My parents are kindly offering to care for my horses until I can move them up. They know how much I’ve been chasing this job opportunity. And as much as I hate it, this is definitely fast tracking the sale of two horses no matter how I look at it. I cannot cram Ben into a box stall at his age and Valeria is too young to sit in a stall all day doing nothing. I have to do what’s best by them and I think staying with me is not best.


I am considering calling up Catalina’s sire’s owner and seeing if they would be willing to pasture board her with all her siblings until she’s grown up and ready for training. I think letting her be a horse for the next few years would be very beneficial for her. But I’m also not sure I want to be away from her for so long. I mean, you saw her face in last week’s post. How do I leave that? Luckily I have time to decide and don’t want to rush it.

All in all it’s been a crazy seven days but it’s also been an exciting seven days.

18 thoughts on “Last Week On Spanish Walk…

  1. Woohoo for cliff hangers I already knew about. I think the only reasonable thing to do is send Catalina to VA to grow up with Joey. That would certainly rock his boat! haha I’m so excited for this new opportunity you have!

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