Growing Pains

I had plans to ride yesterday but I was feeling really drained for some reason. I didn’t even clean stalls (sorry horses, you’re going to be a little stinky until tonight). It was a beautiful day, so I should have taken advantage of it. Especially since the farrier came and everyone had brand new footsies.


Be lured in by the cute of my dark, soulless eyes.

I like my farrier a lot. He’s very eager to share information and educate owners. Catalina has been dealing with physitis because she refuses to stop growing. We’ve moved her to a 4 week program in order to keep her feet level to help with some of the inflammation. My farrier said she’s dealing with the same issue that many OTTBs deal with. Because she’s currently narrow chested she’s putting a lot of pressure on the insides of her front hooves which makes her uneven. This will eventually lead to abscesses in the front if not managed.

To counter that and keep her feet and angles healthy my farrier removed hoof only from the outside, allowing her to evenly distribute her weight. It was the cutest little slice of hoof ever. I should be expected to see some improvement in her physitis in the next few weeks. He also recommended exercise, so Catalina is going to start going on trail rides with Aria and I to make sure her chest develops really well as she grows and help rotate those baby legs into their proper position.

I don’t know what’s going on here but there are way too many horses are involved. It reminds me of my job. A whole lot of people who think they know what they’re doing working on the wrong equipment.

I promise to get media of the shit show that will be ponying a baby with a baby. Haha! I also asked him if Catalina might need shoes/padding to help the situation. I don’t know anything about the voodoo of hoof trimming but I want to give Catalina every possible chance to improve her inflamed growth plates but alas, he said she would only pull any shoe put on her until her hooves were staying level between trims.

I got up on Aria last week in the heat, hoping that it would help mitigate any desire to be mischievous–uhhhhhh–, and worked with leading Catalina. She wasn’t too thrilled about getting close to Aria while I was in the saddle. They’ve been turned out together quite a bit and get along very well because Aria will discipline when needed but Aria has become very possessive of me and when I’m around them she likes to chase poor Catalina off. That was definitely the vibe Aria was giving any time Catalina tried to walk at our side. Sometimes when my mares are all bitchy I wonder if I own horses or fire breathing dragons…

Aria was determined to steal this baby cow.

Aria also has a monster stride which Catalina couldn’t keep up with. It made releasing as a reward when Catalina stepped forward almost impossible. Luckily she leads pretty well even with 12 feet of rope between her and I. Good baby that she is. I’m tempted to let her run loose during the trail ride, hoping she’ll just stay close to the horses she knows. That sounds like a good idea, right? What could possibly go wrong with a terrorist moose on the loose?

I would love to take Valeria but I’m not sure I can keep Catalina from nursing 100% of the time. I guess it will be an adventure that I’ll have to report about after it happens (unless I die because with all these opinionated Spanish mare that is a real possibility). Either way it sounds like fun. I just hope Catalina doesn’t run a pedestrian over when we’re out there

4 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Props to you for being brave enough to pony a Spanish moose 😉 haha. A good farrier is so key to helping keep those fast growing babies on track, sounds like you’ve got a good one!


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