Have Trailer; Will Travel

Wow, it’s been crazy. We got to 111 degrees last week breaking a high record for the month of August. I read an article that said it was a record high for the area period, but I recall a few Thanksgivings ago when we were 113. So I think their information was wrong.


104 was our low for the week.

Anyway, the heat really put a damper on any kind of riding or outdoor activities although I did breakdown and suffer a short twilight ride last Wednesday because Aria was begging to get out. I do love that about her. She has a lot of different friendly behaviors but I can tell when she’s asking to go out versus asking for attention (plus she gets very excited if I enter the tack room and it’s not because of grain since we don’t store any in there).


Karen. Karen. Karen. Karen. Karen…let’s go riding. Please? Please? Please?

Unfortunately even without the heat to kill my riding ability I was also dealing with a sudden lack of horse trailer. The ground on my property is hard as a rock right now and there aren’t any trails nearby. Hauling out is the only way any of my horses get exercised. While it wasn’t money I wanted to spend, it was an unavoidable expense because: have horse, must ride.


I mean, I guess I don’t need a trailer. I could always be this guy.

I began furiously searching Craigslist and Google. Despite Southern California having the second largest horse population in the country there aren’t a lot of horse trailers out there. I cast my search net as far as Tucson and Las Vegas before I eventually found a few trailers I would consider driving up to 8 hours one way to purchase. Luckily I found a 3 horse slant at a good price in Ridgecrest, California.


Boron, CA. Home of the 20 Mule Borax team.

A four hour drive wasn’t so bad and I was kind of a beggar, so I couldn’t be a chooser. It took some planning because I had to be in Los Angeles for a couple events at the same time but I love a logistical challenge. My dad met me an hour northeast of Los Angeles and we drove the rest of the way together (there is some cool places like Boron but there’s also some WEIRD ASS SHIT along the 395 and I never want to break down on that stretch of highway. Ever.). The purchase was quick and easy and I returned to LA with time to spare.

John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl. This was during the Star Wars set.

Though I did have to return home that same evening because there was a fire in my friend’s backyard and the smoke was flaring up my asthma like crazy. So. Much. Driving. 472 miles in one day.

Largest fire in Los Angeles history. The San Diegian in me finds it puny.

It was worth it because now I’m the owner of a new—to me—trailer and definitely in the mind set of: have trailer, will travel. It needs the electrical plug checked and the bearings packed but that’s normal maintenance. The worst part of it all will be the trip to the DMV. Ugh. Haha.

Can you tell it’s “raining”? Massive heat spike, then rain. Yup.

I actually have some rides to blog about this week! Expect those in the next couple days.

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