Big Red Beastie

On Friday I had my vet out to check on Ben because his bed sore (that’s what we’re calling it because that’s what it’s become) on his knee had not healed after 3 weeks of wrapping and he had developed a new sore from the bandages AND got the well-known soft tissue swelling that accompanies too much vet wrap. Normally I’d doctor this on my own but the sudden tenderness around his knee sent up a little red flag.

We gave him some laser therapy and debrided the wound to promote healing. It was decided he should go without a bandage for a while which sent me to the feed store for lots of fluffy shavings. My vet also prescribed exercise. Yay! He’s been on stall rest this whole time and has been going batty. He’s also lost all his topline and looks too embarrassing for public. Maybe I’m being dramatic but I’m not happy with his condition and can’t wait to get him moving around again to improve it.

Hanging out with Rocket.

The humidity went away for the most part by the weekend and I could tell because I got home on Saturday around noon and even though it was 90 degrees out it felt perfect for a ride. I threw Aria in the trailer and then in a spur of the moment decision I also add Ben to our activities. No one is ever at the public arena, so I figured he’d be fine to hang out in there while I worked Aria.

I was partially right. While I was tacking and lunging Aria, Ben rolled around and walked a few laps but when I got up on Aria suddenly it was a follow the leader game that involved a lot of ‘drive-bys’ accompanied by kicked up heels and farting. It was nice to see him running around and feeling good but it was impossible to get any work with Aria done. Haha.

Strutting his stuff Spanish Walk style and promising to end Catalina’s world.

After a few good movements from Aria, in between using my whip like a sword to fight Ben off, I decided to get control of the big red beast. For a 21 year old horse he sure acts like a 2 year old all the time. So I clipped a lead line to him and decided to pony him on trail.

It turned out pretty well but took quite a bit of effort because:

  1. Aria has never ponied a horse before.
  2. Ben’s stride is way bigger than the stride Aria prefers to take.
  3. Aria is kind of an alpha bitch and wanted to eat Ben.
  4. Ben didn’t care and wanted his face as close to hers as possible because he’s a nice guy like that.
  5. Why do I do this to myself?

They did eventually settle but they never got into a leader/leadee (not a word? Don’t care) groove. Next time I may need to ride Ben instead. Haha. Although, they’re probably better than Valeria and Catalina will be when I finally get them on trail.

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