Bel Joeor Blog Hop: If your horse were a drink…

Sorry for another filler post. I am working on actual posts but it’s taking longer to build the media than I anticipated because I’ve been pretty busy between horses and work. The pressure is on because I’m suddenly the only manager with a very high priority government project. No big deal, right? It’s just the US Navy breathing down my neck. Plus this record heat is kind of energy draining!

Amanda at Bel Joeor asked this fun but difficult question: If your horse were an alcoholic drink, what would it be?

The only horse I can definitively classify with a drink is Ben and he, true to his coat color, is an amaretto sour. Almond liquor is smooth and easy on the palate and looks oh so good in a bottle with that rich golden red-brown color but the sour can really pack a punch and make you reluctantly nurse that drink all night long. If you do end up with a drink that’s more sour than almondy smooth you can always turn to the maraschino cherries which are just as cloyingly sweet as he is.

Valeria is probably vodka. Mid shelf bottles always look classy and refined but at the end of the day they all taste like grocery store brand vodka that comes in a plastic bottle. Which is totally fine if you just want to get the job done and look good doing it but I think after a few more rounds of distilling she could be some top shelf shit or turn into a really nice tequila. Haha.

I don’t really know what Aria is right now. She was gone for 10 months and now she’s a different, more mature horse than before. Maybe I’d peg her as a red ale. Craft beer requires an appreciation for beer that most people don’t have (I’m looking at all you PBR and Coors drinkers out there. Lol). Red ales are a great all around beer and my absolute favorite drink. Crisp and rich with a hint of earthy straw (to match all the hay she wears in her mane). But they go bitter and hoppy when they get stale in the keg. She could have been an IPA but she’s much easier to swallow, so to speak, now that she has an education. Not so skunky anymore. I think she’s always going to be a little on the hoppy side though. Big bold flavors that not everyone can appreciate even if everyone can agree that a cold beer is really good on a hot day.

Catalina isn’t old enough to be a drink yet but I guess we can say that for now she’s an F Bomb. Fireball and Redbull. Right? Right??

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