Catalina – 3 Months

On June 11th Catalina turned 3 months old. In celebration of that today’s post is going to be a photo dump!

Wearing her bedding and food for her 3 month birthday.

The ugly duckling stage is strong.

A little visual of how tall she is. I’m 5’3″ and not slouching in this pic.

Still super rambunctious.

Oh. HAI.

Pouting in baby jail.

Almost shed out of her baby coat.

But she’s still hanging on to some of that orange-y brown.

Derpiest mare stare ever.

A huge change since her first day.

She’ll never be this adorable and innocent ever again.

Lesson post coming next! 😀

12 thoughts on “Catalina – 3 Months

  1. Oh man- she is ugly. But don’t worry- I shall take her off your hands so you don’t have to endure it any more…. 😀 😀

    Serously though, what a presence she already has. She’s going to grow into a stunning mare.


  2. So, whose baby did you steal to put in with Valeria for those first-day pictures? Cause that cannot possibly be the same moose that loves getting her itchy spots scratched. lol. I am looking forward to seeing how she grows!


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