Catalina Update – 2 months

I’m short on time to write a blog post today so photos of the baby moose at offically 2 months old will have to suffice for today! On Saturday we introduced Valeria and Catalina into our ‘herd’. It was really more of a reintroduction for V because she’s lived with these horses before.

The below picture is one of the only moments that little Pippin didn’t have his ears pinned (even though he doesn’t mean it, he’s just a grumpy, fat, old mustang). True to his name, he’s the only horse in the herd that didn’t share his food with C.

Reece, our old lady QH, has been obsessing about C since she was born (literally lost her mind and wanted to steal herself a baby). Here she’s not that thrilled to be face to face but she did spend all day hovering as close as she was comfortable with for being at the bottom of the pecking order.

My sister’s palomino mustang, Zipporah, was unsure about sharing her grass with C. Especially because when they first met C bit her on the flank. No baby baby gestures here. C is gunning for the lead mare position.

Her size really shows when you stand her next to Pippin. Or maybe it’s Pippin’s lack of size that shows!

Ben ended up being way too protective of his adoptive filly and we had to remove him from the group because he was running all the horses pretty hard, which is why he’s not pictured in any of these photos. He was on the other side of the property screaming ‘forever alone’.

12 thoughts on “Catalina Update – 2 months

  1. omg, i’m dying at ‘forever alone’ ben! isn’t that the same horse that managed to break into C & V’s pen a few weeks back? dude needs a restraining order!


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