DMNHS $100,000 Grand Prix

I had a great lesson on Friday but before I get into that I went to the $100,000 Grand Prix at the Del Mar National Horse Show with Alex the following night. L.Williams was there with her barn, Carey from Me Jump Pretty One Day was a couple rows in front of us, Susan from Saddle Seeks Horse, and One Bud Wiser was also there. We could have had a blogger meet up! But it seemed like we were all busy with our own plans. Also, I’m so bad with names that I only listed them if it was easy to find on their blogs. Haha…Alex did a write up on the whole event, so I won’t go into too much detail.

Flexible on his last spin around the ring before retirement.

There were a ton of nice horses and we showed up early to watch a couple classes before the big event. We stopped by Noble Outfitter and I almost bought a belt but they didn’t have the color I wanted in my size. We also stopped by SmartPak and I bought three saddle pads. Help me. 20% off plus no shipping! But they came in handy during the show because it was SO COLD. The chilly wind actually caused my eyes quite a bit of discomfort. Note to anyone who gets lasik: avoid cold wind during the healing process. It was like knives.

Using saddle pads you just bought to keep warm deserves tack ho points, right?

I didn’t get much media because I was busy watching but I did take video of the Ride & Drive class. Absolutely loved this class. Nothing beats watching a bunch of riders trying to run around in tall boots.

They also had a retirement ceremony for Flexible. He was such a nice horse and a real ham. He knew when and where to look for photos. What an old pro.

I had a lot of fun despite the unseasonable weather and learned a lot about hunter and jumper classes. I will definitely be attending more of them.

11 thoughts on “DMNHS $100,000 Grand Prix

  1. I think next time we got to a show, even if its supposed to be 90, I will so pack the car with blankets and extra jackets. That was the only not fun aspect.


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