Baby Moose

I’m really behind on reading everyone’s blogs. It’s been crazy busy at work, which is where I do 98% of my blogging and reading. I’m going to work on catching up this week. Sorry for the neglect but I promise I will get to it all asap!

I think it’s time for a Catalina update, don’t you? I’ve got a lot to write about regarding Aria and a few horse shows I’ve been to but I think for this Monday morning I just want to look at a cute moose.

For starters, we’ve been working on making Catalina a good moose citizen. It’s impossible to get photos of me working with her because working with her requires two hands. Currently I’m ‘installing’ a move away cue. She’s very in my pocket and that’s bad because she likes to lean on people for scratchies. Then she gets excited about being scratched and will try to kick at those people. She also has no concept of personal space when she’s tearing around. Valeria doesn’t care that her baby runs into her because, being the hippo she is, it doesn’t even make her budge. However, at 12 hands, when baby moose runs into me I feel it.

Um…can we take a moment to remember she isn’t 2 months old until the 11th of this month and I’m already saying she’s 12 hands??

She’s been making huge strides (see what I did there?). Already she gives me my space. Putting her mouth all over me has reduced to almost not at all and her desire to kick her heels up at my head is very infrequent now. I wish I could say that she was cured of all that behavior already but my requests and now demands that no one touch or interact with Catalina has fallen on deaf ears. I frequently see family scratching on her and not correcting bad behavior. It’s going to be an uphill battle but I think eventually we’ll get there (and hey, if they want to get kicked in the head, that’s on them).

This week I want to work on teaching her to lead. Now that she’s not so inclined to careen into me, I think asking her to come close for a leading exercise is safer for everyone involved. I was gone all weekend, so I can only imagine how much she’s gotten away with and how much of our previous lesson we’ll have to revisit. Either way, she’s smart enough that I don’t think we’ll be revisiting much before being able to move on. I really want to get her trailer loading in the next two weeks.

We’re starting a little late with her general training but that’s just been 2017 for me. Nothing but playing catch-up. The yard can stay a mess and the poop pile can keep growing because making this baby into not an asshole is definitely my main priority.

10 thoughts on “Baby Moose

  1. She’s SO BIG. I love the picture of her laying in the shavings. 🙂 I know what you mean about people letting them get by with things. I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t had a lot of people handle Joey other than me, but the older baby in the pasture that was born in January has picked up on a few bad habits from those interactions.


    • She’s SO big! Aria is only 14.3 and will soon be the smallest horse in my herd. lol
      I’ll post a video in my next post where you can see Catalina squaring off with me. Luckily I’d already been working on her manners at this point.


  2. Baby moose! How tall is V??? C looks taller than Lito was at that age! I bet she remembers your lessons well. They are truly amazing when they are little


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