A Colorful Visitor

While my eyes have been healing I haven’t had a lot of horse activity to report but that all changes tomorrow because it will be the end of the required week of healing. I cannot wait!

Hippo Watch 2017 lets me see all kinds of crazy things I would never see my horses do. Like that time Ben got into the foaling stall, or the amount of fighting all 3 horses do in their bid for Lead Horse (including Catalina!). Then there’s the picture below: There is a trash can not far from Valeria’s stall that I thought was out of reach. I thought wrong. She pulled an empty shavings bag out of it and gave it to Catalina to play with. Must have been the best toy every because Catalina snuggled up with it for her afternoon nap after she was done trying to destroy it.

I love lamp.

Very exciting. Something that was kind of exciting: Over the weekend we had a very fancy visitor on the property.

He really caused a stir with the horses. No clue where he came from. There is a house several blocks away that has a ton of peacocks but he wasn’t heading in that direction and dusk was coming.

My sister’s BLM mustangs were both curious & terrified.

Valeria was in beast mode and wanted everyone to know that peafowl are descendants of dinosaurs, most possibly the T-Rex, and should not be trusted. When it jumped on our roof I had to let her out because there was a very real threat of Catalina getting run over in their stall.

I finally got to see that knee action trot on Catalina. Unfortunately, only from the front and back but I love that paddling! Makes my Iberian heart go pitter-patter.

I wondered briefly what would have happened if it had decided to present its tail but I’m actually glad my dummy prey animals didn’t witness that because it might have killed them from fear.

At least they had our brave barn kitten, Rocket, to save the day. He was pretty sold on the idea of peacock for dinner. If that peacock had actually stood to fight their tiny savior it would have been a shocking blow to the morale of all our animals. Haha.

11 thoughts on “A Colorful Visitor

  1. Oh my god- that shavings bag! And the peacock is beautiful. The horses’ reaction to it is funny. I can just picture him fanning his tail and them all fainting. Thank god for Rocket. He needs a raise.

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