My Eyes, They Burn

I’m writing this from a very dim computer screen, so I apologize if there are typos or other format craziness. Lasik went well and my new vision is amazing but my eyes are pretty unhappy about the whole process and will randomly decide to not focus from time to time. I’m told this is totally normal for at least the first seven days but for that reason I’m going to keep this post short.

I don’t have a lot of horse updates because I’ve been banished from dusty environments while my eyes heal. Ask me how well that’s going. Haha.

Catalina has been using her poop to graffiti the stall walls. Which has put her on a regiment of Bio Sponge and Probios until she starts pooping normal again. Shouldn’t take more than a couple days. She takes the medication well, which is surprising because it doesn’t smell great. I guess that’s the benefits of introducing treats. She’s very keen to at least try anything we hand her.

She’s starting to clear the 3rd rail!

I got some advice from R to help Catalina become a polite terrorist equine citizen. As soon as my eyes are healed I’ll be tackling that because she’s turned into a bossy little baby and it’s not cute (it is cute. It’s really, really cute). He reminded me that you have to teach a horse how to go away before you bring it in close, otherwise you can create some really dangerous situations. And he’s right. We were so busy making sure C would come to us we forgot that once she was on top of us and chewing us to death we were screwed. There will be a whole blog post about that after it happens.

I bought her this rubbery dog toy that’s a deer antler since she’s so orally fixated. It went over really well. I put just a dot of honey on a few of the prongs and couldn’t keep C or Valeria off the toy. At one point V practically had the whole toy in her mouth. V is weird and she’s probably going to make C weird too.

16 thoughts on “My Eyes, They Burn

  1. um that antler is adorable and looks like something maybe my horse would like too???? hmm….

    also. incidentally. my 17h occasionally stall aggressive horse does not appear to have a solid “send away” cue either. and… yup, definitely not cute. and also surprisingly difficult to install in adult horses. so yea, good luck with teaching those manners to baby C!


    • Yeah, if only dog toy companies knew horses like to chew on things too! They come in many colors, dark blue too.
      I think the technique I’m going to use will work great (I’ve seen it used on adult horses) but I don’t know how well it will translate via text. But if you want to message me I’m more than willing to share.


    • Valeria’s milk must be food of the gods because I can’t explain the growth. I do wonder if she’s growing too big too quickly but we’ll see soon when she gets her shots.
      My eyes are already feeling better from this morning. Thanks!!


  2. I’m obviously blowing up your phone right now, but I hope your eyes feel better soon and if we can’t make baby adventures this weekend we’ll make it happen another time I am sure!


  3. If the BioSponge and Probios don’t work, let me know. Presto had firm poop by the time he left the vet, then got home and had diarrhea again as he started get exposed to different flora. The BioSponge and Probios helped a little, but putting his mom back on her supplement fixed it immediately! That stuff is magic.

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