Spring Plans

Now that I have Catalina’s name squared away, I feel better. I was getting antsy with everyone asking me almost daily if I had named her. We have an island off our coast called Catalina, so her name isn’t just Spanish, it’s also a nod to Southern Californian.

I have plans to go to the Diamond Jubilee Horse Show at the Del Mar Horsepark on April 6-9 but I just found out that Carl Hester is going to be doing a clinic on April 7-8 a couple blocks down at the Del Mar Arena. I may try to hit up both. The show has a lot of Iberian classes and I don’t want to miss it but I also want to hit up this clinic. The good thing is that Carl Hester’s clinic is pretty much identical both days, so I just need to look at the show program to decide if I want to skip Sunday or Saturday.


I’m also going to be going to the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center on April 27-30. I’m hoping next year I’ll actually be participating as a competitor and think it’s a good idea to get a grasp of what the current competition looks like. Plus both my past trainer and current trainer have both participated in or done an exhibition at this show. Sunday night is their charity show and they’ve donated to sevearl cancer research programs in the past.

spanish-horse_logo_sliderfrontpage Fiesta_Title_Sunday_2017

I just got my IALHA membership card. I’m part of the fancy but dramatic horse club now (seriously, I hear the NA Iberian registries are full of drama). Next I have to register Valeria in my name and then get Catalina registered. There’s about 16 other mares with Catalina for a name. I’m going to have to figure out what I want to add for registry purposes. Valeria’s registered name is Ingrata 2010 but I don’t think I’m going to go that route. I could tag my initials at the end. Catalina KP. Not that I like the way it sounds at all. I may ask the breeder if I can use his nomenclature. Catalina MA. Any ideas on this? How do you name your horses in their registries?

p.s. I have a post coming on Valeria’s difficult labor and I might have a post about a first ride on a particular mare I have in training.

24 thoughts on “Spring Plans

  1. IALHA is such a pain in the ass 😂 haha. So glad I get a reprieve from them for a bit since all my papers are UTD at the moment. But I’ll have to deal again if I ever breed Cinna — ugh.

    The CH clinic and horse shows sound so exciting!

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  2. yay so exciting!!!
    I love C’s massive size. I die!
    The NA Iberian associations are confusing and crazy…and just like any other registry, there are THOSE people. It just seems like there are more maybe bc it is so small. There are too many diff groups and have diff rules…Same thing with Working Eq. Possibly that is changing now too??? There should just be one modeled after ANCCE. I had IALHA membership and my colt is registered half in their registry. I did a suffix on his name for rural property entity. It is awkward though because ppl outside of the industry say it rather than spell it and it sounds bad. Oh well. I don’t really care. You can do a prefix as well btw. I let my reg lapse bc I figured I would save the money and re up when I am ready and able to go to one of their shows. Things changed and there are/were less shows here. I hear tell that is changing, but this year is a no go for me on that front due to other obligations. I hear their shows are fun and relaxed though? I would also love to go to the AWC. That’s a long way though.

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    • They are moving their shows around to help out their members all over the country. There’s a big Andalusian show in NC in a few months.
      I totally want to go to AWC. Not sure any of my horses will be ready though. I’m currently trying to find out if I can get Aria registered (even half registered) by linking her to a horse in the stud book.
      Also, officially looked into Working EQ and it’s a total crap show. I don’t even know which org to go with. Not to mention one group demands you ride in American Traditional tack at higher levels and nothing against western disciplines but I don’t like riding in western and don’t really want to invest in a whole new tack set if we get to that level in a dressage or Spanish saddle. :/
      Hopefully they get it together. I agree I would prefer a NA ANCCE. IALHA honestly sounds like some people got their feelings hurt when their beutifol horze didn’t get PRE qualified. But I don’t know all the drama details (and don’t wish to!) so I could be a total shot in the dark.

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    • AWC is AMAZING!!! IALHA Nationals will probably be scrapped unless this year is successful — at least that’s the rumor I’ve been hearing. Holding the show in Texas wasn’t feasible for 3/4 of the country, and the rotating Nationals hasn’t been as popular as they hoped (they picked a shitty venue for the west coast rotation last year, ugh). But at least AW should fill the gap for awesome Iberian shows!

      The reason IALHA was formed was that way back when Andalusians were first being imported, Spain wouldn’t come over to inspect them for revision — so there are a TON of pure Spanish horses (mine included) who had old lines from that time frame who are still pure Spanish, but just because their great-granddam or whoever wasn’t properly “judged” by a Spanish vet, ANCCE won’t register them. It’s basically the dumbest thing ever, haha. And then you have the whole subset of people here who cross Andalusians and Lusitanos and consider them purebreds (which is a mess I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole haha).

      A lot of the Working Equitation stuff was simplified when most of the orgs joined together into the Confederation of Working Equitation (fairly recently actually) — the only holdout is WE United, so if you went with the Confederation that would cover most of your bases! They definitely have the widest membership across the country, although WE United seems fairly popular out on the west coast.

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      • Morons. Anyone who breeds two different breeds together and calls it a purebred is a moron. Part of the problem is they are breeding Andalusians taller with longer dressage legs. If they wanted that they should have gone with a Lusitano but everyone knows that 1. Lusitanos are way less forgiving and hotter than most people like and 2. “Uglier” than their Spanish cousin. I happen to adore Lusitanos so my Andalusians are a bit hammerhead-y for most people’s taste.
        And yes, I do recall that’s the real reason why IALHA was formed but I swear there was a temper tantrum between registries rumor going around that I heard a few years back.
        I’ll look into CWE for sure. I’m trying to keep a finger on the pulse of Iberian horse to-dos but the IALHA doesn’t have a lot of information.
        Swinging back to the beginning of your comment, moving a big show is not a great idea (I’ve done several years of event planning). It’s better to create smaller shows in more areas and then when your participation base is a good size there will be more incentive to compete and the big central show. Just my opinion of course. 🙂


      • That sounds familiar about the conception and it really is a shame.
        Are they holding nationals in Texas again? Last I saw, it was planned for Texas and when I absolutely can not go. I was going to do my best to go to the next one I could to help support if anything…and I can’t.
        Ya the we has taken a big step, but haven’t looked enough into it bc I wanted to make sure it would stick.


      • Two years ago was when they first started moving it from the original Ft. Worth location (where it had been for like, 20+ years). In 2015, it was in Virginia (east coast rotation) and HUGELY successful. Then in 2016, the west coast rotation was held in Salt Lake City, UT and was a TOTAL flop. Shoulda been in Cali where there was actually a base for it…. This year is the Midwest rotation, so they’re having it in Katy, TX (hate to break it to them that while TX is central east-west, not so much north-south!). The leadership has devolved and gotten more and more questionable since my initial involvement — it’s been painful to watch…… ugh.

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      • Ohhhh ya I forgot about VA. I thought it just started this past year.
        Texas is an anomaly bc the Iberian population is higher here than anywhere else central. At least it seems to me. I could be wrong.


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