One Week Old

I was planning to post yesterday but I left my cell phone at home (omg, how did we live prior to cell phones? I couldn’t get anything done) and didn’t have any media to go with my wall of text.

First off, I noticed that when I haven’t had sleep in 5 days and I’m stressed about my horses, I kind of write like an asshole. Sorry about that. Probably should have waited to post about potential baby names once everyone was recovered so that my sleep deprived name wouldn’t think listing all the types of names I don’t like was a good idea. The good news is that Valeria is fully recovered. The first three days it really could have gone either way so I am extremely grateful she is alive. I don’t know if there is interest in the full recollection but if anyone is I’ll write a post about it. Otherwise, I’ll leave it alone.

May try to edit this in Photoshop to get rid of poop & other background noise.

I’ve got the names for the terrorist baby horse narrowed down to:
Alegría,  Aurora, or Catalina

My only resistance to Alegría is that people probably won’t pronounce it correctly. I can just see her being called an allergy medication her whole life instead of ah-leh-gree-ah. Maybe it would be good pay back for all the trouble she’s getting into. >:) I am trying to consider what she will mature into, versus the adorableness she is now when picking the final name.


The last thing I’ll see before I die.

We’re working on not gumming people to death, not kicking at people, and not trying to jump up on people when they are bent over. I don’t recall any of my other babies being such handfuls. Haha. Now that she’s a week old we’re going to crack down on halter training and fly mask training.

She’s absolutely huge. I think perhaps she’s part moose. I know I said it before, but babies are supposed to be cute and tiny, and she’s…not. She’s got the cute part down but not the tiny part. Her legs are as long as Valeria’s and I’m pretty sure she weighs somewhere close to 135lbs now.

When your one week old foal makes your dad look small.

You guys. I’m totally smitten by this little horse. I could go on and on about her but I’ll keep my gushing down to a minimum because normally I don’t gush about my horses. I love them but our love is subtle and quite. I’ve never called them my best friend, or my heart horse. They aren’t terms I’ve ever used so this head-over-heels feeling is really, really new to me! I don’t even have grossly cute nicknames for my horses but I call this filly ‘snoogie-boogie’. What is happening to me?

She found the camera. Abort! Abort!

15 thoughts on “One Week Old

  1. Every spanish baby I’ve seen has been large and rambunctious. I think that’s what makes them great horses.

    I love your 3 choice and no offence about what you don’t like. I’d love to hear what happened with Valeria if you feel up to writing it.


    • I’ve never had a Spanish baby. I had a Morgan/TW baby and a Morgan/QH baby. The former was very smart and sweet and the later was quite the dud.
      Even though I grew up around Andalusians and Lusitanos I never owned one until 2015.
      Something I’ve noticed about the blog community is that everyone has really great names for their horses. Nothing generic among the blogs I read.
      I’ll do a post up about Valeria then 🙂 maybe this week before I see the bill and die.


  2. I still like Catalina the most haha. I feel like it is really feminine and makes me think of someone pretty? haha. Copper has a generic horse name I feel like, but oh well. As for the list of names you don’t like, I’m 100% the same way. Supposed to be having a paint baby and it someone wanted it to be named Spot or the like I’d roll my eyes. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Catalina means pure. She’ll turn white. So it’s not a bad fit. I don’t know why I’m having such an issue picking a name. Lol
      I like Copper. I don’t know a single horse named that (surprising considering how many chestnuts I know!).
      A paint named Spot?? You must be the most creative person in the world! Haha.


  3. I adored the name Catalina, it sounds both sassy and sweet.
    I’d also be super interested in the full story if you were up to writing it, so happy everything turned out fine 🙂


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