Naming Baby

I really thought I’d be fielding boy names. I’m really glad I’m not because I’ve already devoted a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to this pair (I stabbed myself with a needle this morning so blood is 100% checked). Not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed a stud colt just as much, but I think all this extra work is much more palatable knowing I’m putting all this dedication into something I’m going to keep.

Evil, evil straw.

My vet’s assistant asked me if I was a Game of Thrones fan because of Aria, Ben, and Valeria but the funny thing about that is Ben was named after the Canadian Olympian horse Big Ben, Aria came to me already named, and Valeria was named by my sister who wouldn’t know Game of Thrones if it hit her in the face. Plus I don’t like to name my animals after pop culture because then you and everyone else has the same name for their pet. ‘My dog is named Sheldon because I like The Big Bang Theory’. Very original.

I like the way this ear tastes!

Now that I’m axing any suggestions of Sansa or Khaleesi (ugh) to my facebook friends I can get serious about picking a name.

And by the way, I am not bagging on anyone’s choice of names. If you like a name, no one should tell you otherwise. I’m just particular about how I choose a name.

Helicopter ears like Aria!

This little filly was born on Purim which is sort of celebrated like a Jewish Halloween and was born on a full moon. I know her sire is homozygous gray, so she will be gray (plus she has white hairs around her eyes and under the base of her tail). I would like to stick to Spanish names because she’s the Carthusian type Andalusian and I’m more inclined to pick a human name over a ‘pet’ name (e.g. Sugar/Flash/Spot).

The list so far:

Reina (queen)
Catalina (pure)
Alegria (joy)
Aurora (dawn)
Estrella (star)

I very much believe that you should name them for what you want them to be. I have hopes for some serious dressage butt kicking so I’m trying to pick names that align with that idea. She has a lot to live up to with her current family members.

Her sire is the famous Andalusian stallion Escamillo.

(he’s also on youtube under Mario’s Andalusians or Mario Contreras but since I don’t know him on sight I can’t say which one he is in the various videos.)

Her half-brother is the award winning Brioso MA.

Her grandsire on her dam’s side is FATUO DE NADALES. He’s just so-so for me but has won a lot of dressage satin.

I’m trying to stay away from names like:

Coqueta (flirt)

Ingrata (ungrateful)*

What do you think? Like anything listed? Have a name to add? I’m really open to ideas right now.

*Valeria’s registered name is Ingrata. 😦

15 thoughts on “Naming Baby

  1. Honestly I love all your choices. Other names for the hopper:
    Luna (moon)
    Cielos (heavens)
    Luvia (rain)
    Alegria (joy)

    Whatever you choose it will suit her. My mare has carthusian lines as well and that stallion is lovely.
    I love the photo of her nibbling on the ear. Not sure how you manage to go to work….


  2. I have known quite a few Alegrias.

    I like Estrella! Cinna’s dam was Especial (special). That always made me laugh.

    I also had a mare named Aldonza, which means sweet. I quite liked that!


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