Quick Valeria/Foal Update 3

Well, unless things go badly with the vet this afternoon it looks like Valeria will have almost made a full recovery.

Hopefully today is her last uterine flush. Finger crossed.

Meeting Ben. Crummy screenshot but I don’t care!

She’s drinking water again and the weather has cooled down a little. I’m hoping she won’t be dehydrated when I get home. She was borderline yesterday.
She seems to be producing a lot more milk now that she’s on oxytocin and donperidone. Apparently donperidone will make a mare lactate even if she isn’t pregnant/hasn’t had a baby.

Was that a lion? I think it was a lion.

We’re possibly looking at the light at the end of this tunnel. Which is great because I’m not sleeping well. I just toss around in bed and watch V and the foal on the live feed. Even though they’re both doing better, this camera is totally enabling my insomnia. lol

A few nights of sleep would really help me think of a name for our new tyrannical overlord addition…

12 thoughts on “Quick Valeria/Foal Update 3

  1. Belated congratulations on your new addition, I hope things continue to go uphill from here!
    I’m not sure the lack of sleep will be helping your own recovery so sending good juju your way!


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