Quick Valeria/Foal Update

In full disclosure, I turned the live feed off because Valeria coliced last night and is still showing abdominal discomfort this morning.  The baby isn’t getting enough milk because Valeria isn’t producing much so I am attempting to supplement with goat milk. Overall baby seems bright but today will be hotter than yesterday so I’m worried about dehydration. Especially since Valeria’s food intake is very limited until she’s feeling better. 

I didn’t want to just pop in here and say the camera feed is down because mare and foal aren’t doing well or remain silent and not give an update at all. That would lead to unfair burning questions. 

I’m staying positive and very optimistic about this going well if we can get Valeria more comfortable and her meds start helping her produce milk. Worse case I ship both off to my vet for around the clock care. Positive thoughts!

13 thoughts on “Quick Valeria/Foal Update

  1. So sorry to hear this! Sending all the positive vibes and prayers your way. Stay strong and positive for the both of them. Don’t hesitate to take them in. Better to be safe. Glad the filly is bright.

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