And Continues…

Valeria keeps getting bigger. Her belly is starting to get larger than hippo status. Her vulva could pass a school bus (sorry not sorry). Her udder keeps swelling from edema. Her appetite could feed a miniature horse rescue.


…while standing…

…is overrated.

She’s not amused by her current status and the night time seems to be when it’s the worst for her.

Doesn’t this just scream comfortable?

Yes. That face of serenity.

What amuses her even less is when I come get her to make her trot around for 10 minutes before dinner. There’s nothing dignified about her back legs swinging out to the side instead of straight under herself.

I think she’s scratching her chest here but it reminds me of all those laying down unicorn statues you can get. She’s just missing a horn to stab everything with.

Of course I have a lesson with Aria at 2:00pm today. I’m not telling Valeria or speaking about it while at home in case her hearing has become super-equine (is that the equivalent of super-human?). The last thing I want her to do is drop that foal while I’m almost 2 hours away. Even if we’ve all agreed her body doesn’t indicate a baby is imminent.

Finally catching some zzz.

Also, by ‘lesson’ I actually mean that I’ve been cleared for 20 minutes of riding and after my trainer(s?) warm Aria up, if I’m feeling good I can get up on her. I’ve waited 3 months so I cannot wait and I’m really hoping my body feels up to the task! Also, heaven help me if I don’t get some media of my first time on her, I will be SO sad.

Oh yeah, the foaling stall got straw introduced now that she’s closer to a foaling date. Unfortunately she is eating it and rubbing her eyeballs all over it. Hopefully that doesn’t lead to any unexpected vet calls! I would have preferred shaving but everything I read recommends not using shavings. 

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