The Nail Test

Okay…I tried this test about 16 times. Several were interrupted by various outside sources. Like the cat came into the stall and Valeria wanted to kill him. I might consider compiling all the fails together if I get some video editing software.

The first handful of tests were either inconclusive or circular which indicated a girl. The second set of tests that I did a couple hours later were inconclusive or a straight line which meant a boy. While it’s not really clear, something tells me it will be a boy, no matter how much I want a girl. I even used a clip that did the straight line more than the circle just to hedge my bets a little.

My lead rope did not make it out of this process alive.

So, since I can’t say for sure what the magic nail is trying to say (and I am totally game to try this again this week if she doesn’t foal tonight), I have been trying to guess what color the foal will be. The stallion is homozygous gray, so I know the foal will eventually gray out, but I have no clue what color the foal will be born as. The stallion was black and Valeria was bay. Fingers crossed for a black filly with no white, please??


Sire: Escamillo


Dam: Ingrata 2010

Who am I kidding? I’m going to end up with a bay colt. Anyone have some guesses?

6 thoughts on “The Nail Test

    • It IS killing me. 😦
      We’ve had so much rain if it comes tonight it will be born in 6 in (15 cm) of mud. So now I’m panicking about it NOT coming. Haha.
      My dream horse is a bay mare. I adore bays, they are my favorite, but since I know the baby will dapple like crazy, black would look sharper. 😀


  1. I wanted a black filly (I had a 25% chance lol) and got a brown (doing grey) filly, so half right! At some point I’ll breed Cinna, and I’m still hoping for my black filly someday! 😍


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