Foaling Stall Prep

I’ve been waiting for a non-windy day to do the nail test. I’m hoping that may happen during all our rain this Sunday-Tuesday. In the mean time I’ve been hanging out with my horses and doing a few foal prepping chores. 

First we prepared an outdoor stall for the ‘biggest storm of the century’. Spoiler alert: it barely rained. I was very disappointed. 

A few heavy duty tarps and some fresh DG.

 Then we let Valeria try it out. She was not amused.

Why did you change it? I don’t like it.

Then the cat moved in. 

She went full mama bear on him and chased him out.

A few days later I decided we needed some walls to prevent little legs and bodies from crawling under or through. 

And for good structural measure against asshole Andalusians that paw (I’m looking at you my beautiful Land Hippo), sandbags. 

Toss in a few bales of straw around the other walls in another week and we’re good to go. I’m hoping we don’t get much more rain after this next storm. 

Anyone else ever built a foaling stall for winter babies? 

6 thoughts on “Foaling Stall Prep

  1. Wow- that’s a lot of work. I love it. I giggled at the cat moving in- ‘I am just seeing if this suits my needs’.
    I think it will work great for the baby. And what is it with Andalusians and pawing?! Carmen does it all the time!


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