Be A Girl. Be A Girl. Be A Girl.

You know the scene in The Incredibles where Frozone is asking his wife about his super suit? That’s me and Valeria right now.

Me: Don’t mess with your bandage.
Valeria: Why? *nibbles at bandage*
Me: Why are you nibbling at your bandage? I just told you to stop.
Valeria: Why do you need to know?! *rip!*
Me: Mare! Stop eating your bandages!!

I actually think I cheerfully called her a son-of-a-b**** as she ripped her foot out of my grasp while I was trying to apply the extensive bandaging she’s been prescribed. Don’t try to understand my cursing logic. It clearly doesn’t understand that she’s not a male or a dog and it doesn’t want to.

Overall we’ve been having fun. I’m teaching her better ground manners (seriously, hers are atrocious) and she’s getting back at me by using her ample whiskers to tickle any part of my back or sides that are exposed while I’m leaning over her foot. We are making progress though! For instance, I don’t need to sedate her to apply the bandages. Apparently the vet (I was at work and did not attend) had to sedate her twice to stitch the wound and then wrap her up. I’m pretty sure it’s because every time the vet has come to see her, she’s gotten a shot or a palpation. Talk about a rocky relationship.

But as long as Valeria let’s me rub her big hippo belly and speak into it “Be a girl. Be a girl. Be a girl.” I’m happy. We have to give the foal ground manners, so we can give them to Valeria at the same time. They’ll be in horsey kindergarten together. lol


This is terrifying.

Alternately I think Valeria’s last line in our conversation could also be “Stop trying to tell me how to live my life!” because, no doubt she is in full teenager mode. Full, pregnant teenager mode. Sob.


11 thoughts on “Be A Girl. Be A Girl. Be A Girl.

  1. If you do the nail test do a video so we can all see! Poor Valeria- she’s doing the best she can and I’m sure that she’s not trying to torture you. (or that’s what Carmen said I should type…..)


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