When It Rains…

…it pours.

Just kidding. I haven’t had a slew of bad luck or anything but it has been raining an ungodly amount for California. I’m glad. We really need the water to help fight this 63 year drought (I’m trying to exaggerate but some quick research says I might actually be surprisingly close). Being cooped up has clearly gotten to the horses because even with turn out they still manage to hurt themselves.

At least the vet had teal duct tape.

The first time I tried to take the picture. Carrot?

Luckily it wasn’t more than an inch and a half but I still wanted some stitches because of all the mud. Plus the laceration involved the coronet band which is a high movement zone so I felt it was better to be safe than sorry. Apparently it was an old injury, which is really strange because I see my horses every night and spend time brushing them for this exact reason. I even have pictures from Monday night (stitches happened yesterday morning) that I’ve included in this post. Not that it’s a big deal. Cuts and scarring are going to happen. That’s just the nature of horses.

No sense of personal space. Carrot?

On to a totally different topic, I’m discovering that WordPress might not have been the best platform to go with for blogging. I know it’s super customizeable but I find the mobile app really clunky and even the website leaves a lot to be desired if you don’t want to get into html coding. I’m also having a hard time keeping up on comments I’ve left on Blogspot and Blogger pages. I’m using Feedly to follow blogs (which is great!) but it’s not very mobile friendly when you visit the actual blog to comment. I’ve had several comments get deleted because it randomly refreshes the page as I’m typing. If you ever want to see me silently rage, that would be the best time for optimum humor. Haha.

Oh look. Poop! Carrot?

Seriously, I couldn’t get a good picture on Monday. Carrot?

What’s the best way to keep up on conversations in the comment section? Should I get a Blogger and Blogspot account for notifications rather than use my Google sign-in?

So much mud! They were filthy… and also that lip: Carrot?

8 thoughts on “When It Rains…

  1. The drought has been scary. We had a drought for 10 weeks and everyone was ready to die.

    I’m sorry that your pony is sore and hope it heals quickly!
    I like blogger – esp the blog feed but I don’t have enough experience to advise you! sorry.


  2. Bummer about the stitches 😦 I use feedly for following blogs too and know what you mean about losing a comment when the app does something weird… Idk what WordPress is like but I know sometimes the two types of accounts don’t play nice together. Alas, all seem very flawed. The blogger mobile app is good for some things but I never have and likely never will draft or publish posts from the app.


    • Yeah. It’s a bummer. My horses don’t want me to save for a vacation. 😦
      I play leap frog between writing my posts on a computer and uploading photos via the mobile app. It’s really stupid the way the app is laid out. Not conducive to drafting posts.


  3. Kinda fortunate that we don’t have long term droughts where I live (although when we do have one, hay prices sky rocket, and the demand gets pretty low, making for some stressful months). Hopefully it doesn’t rain too much for you guys cause if there’s anything we get a lot it’s moisture.

    It’s funny you say that about WordPress because it’s always toted as being better than Blogger, but my Blogger gave me decent customization options prior to me delving into html. The coding is relatively easy and fun once you get into it!


    • The ‘drought’ has been taken advantage of. Where I live alfalfa has skyrocketed in price and had no signs of going down, $20+ for a 90-110lbs bale. However if I get hay from the city where Aria is getting trained I can pay $9-$11 for a 90-110lbs bale. Quality is similar.
      I love WordPress for websites. I’ve had a few that were very successful at looking nice when paired with a website but I think I’ll need to roll up my sleeve and get into the thick of it to get the look I want for my blog.


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