Baby Fever

Extra post this week to make up for the lack of posting last week. But also because I have to get this out. It’s been rattling around in my brain for a while and last night got to a fevered pitch.

I am totally freaking out about this foal.

It’s not like this is the first foal we’ve had but I know now how ignorant I was back then and it’s been over 15 years. Plus Valeria is due in early March and our winter autum/winter has been very wet. I would have preferred a May baby.

I have so many questions/concerns (but also will concede that I might just be crazy). What temperature is too cold? Do I need to blanket the baby? How wet can baby get before it’s too wet? How cute will baby look with wet curls? How do I keep baby warm because I keep picturing baby standing in the rain with mom shivering!? Because my horses always stand in the rain at the worst opportuned moments!

I’m not sure why I’m so overly concerned about the weather but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve questioned if an 10’x24′ shade with walls is large enough for a 24’x24′ stall. I’m irrationally freaking out over really stupid stuff. Nevermind all the nutritional junk I need to educate myself on.

Right now Valeria is eating 20lbs of alfalfa a day plus free feeding on bermuda grass. She has become so large recently that I may have to upgrade her from land hippo to wooly mammoth. I’m not 100% sure the weight gain is all baby and I may have actually pushed her into the category of obese by feeding her so much but her top line was starting to look ugly and embarrassing.

Oops tangent. I meant nutrition for the baby. I don’t want to screw up baby joints. Especially on a baby born with an expensive price tag, because I don’t know that I’m keeping this baby. If it’s a colt, I’m 98% sure I’m selling because it deserves to prove it should keep its balls and I’m not equipped to house a stallion (otherwise cut those suckers OFF). If it’s a filly, I may be keeping it because she will probably be a nicer horse than her dam.

I don’t know. Am I courting hysteria yet? I’m afraid to go online searching for answer because I think it will breed more crazy. 

The baby fever is strong but perhaps not in the most productive way. Someone help me…

10 thoughts on “Baby Fever

  1. I’m glad you are asking these questions because I would be the same if/when I breed Carmen (except I want a colt).

    I would buy a foal blanket just in case it’s raining- plus it will be useful for the foal to get used to it. I would consult either an equine nutritionist or vet about the feeding- I know that feeding too much is a real issue so that the baby grows to fast and is more likely to have joint issues.

    But the baby will be adorable and it’s far too late now to back out. 🙂


    • Yeah. If this was a late spring/summer baby I would be panicking less.
      My vet will be expecting a very long email or call from me once I can package my insanity into a more cohesive stream of thought. Haha. The great thing is she’s a UC Davis alum so she has a great resource for just about every question I have (like when I handed her my allergic-to-everything filly and said ‘fix it’).


  2. The vet is your friend! Mine was on speed dial when I was waiting for Cinna to make her appearance, haha. It is a nerve wracking process though. My vet reminded me approximately 100 times that mares have been doing this for hundreds of years and rarely need human help. Thankfully that held true in my case!

    I can’t wait to see this baby, it’s going to be stunning!


    • That’s how I feel about it. This will be the 4th foal I’ve had but I’m so out of practice and a total nervous Nellie about the weather. I had to get it out of my system. Now I’m composing an email to send out.
      All those babies (except the mini) are Mario babies.


  3. Honestly, having a vet answer your questions/be on call when you need them is such a relaxant. But really Google is your friend, especially if you can find a forum post where someone has asked the same question. A question about breeding is going to have tons of responses no doubt, so you’ll have a lot to pull from.


    • I think I should have prefaced this post with the fact that I am going to talk to my vet, I was just brain dumping. 🙂
      But I agree. A vet is priceless for this information. However I’m still nervous to go online because I don’t want information overload.


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