2017 Goals. Sorta. Maybe.

It seems like equine bloggers are really good at setting goals and achieving them. My hopes and aspirations are usually a much more abstract brush stroke that consist of ideas and thoughts that I might consider pursuing rather than a categorized list. Probably because I’m lazy.


Although when I do decide to pursue something, I definitely fall into the all or nothing category. I don’t believe in half-assing anything. So I thought I might make a few broad stroke goals for 2017.

  1. Compete in a rated dressage show.
  2. Compete in a working equitation show.
  3. Be more creative (play my instruments more or start drawing again).

That looks pretty good for now. Let’s call them a short term goals. I have no clue if I’ll even like showing. I don’t like being in the spotlight but I want to push myself out of my comfort zone. My motto this year is fake it ‘til you make it, which served me well when I was working in the make-up/prop industry.

The last thing I doodled over a year ago and I didn’t even finish it.

I do have a few long term goals that I never really like to commit to paper because failure to complete the big goals can be demotivating. So move to a new place, get a new job that pays better, and lose weight are all amorphous wishes that I chip away at slowly.

I spent 2012-2015 putting all my energy into others and I felt really good about giving back. Then I spent 2016 hating myself for not prioritizing what was important to me. 2017 is definitely going to be the year where I focus on what I want and making sure I’m my number one priority (hence jumping back into equines full tilt).


My excitement level.

I’m really excited to start focusing on horses again and I won’t even feel guilty that putting my horses first is wildly selfish. But before I buckle down and spend all my spare time with my hooved beasts I’m going to take a trip up to Vancouver to see my BFF and a few other friends I miss.

EDIT: Screen grabs = win. So much for using MS Paint to crop.

13 thoughts on “2017 Goals. Sorta. Maybe.

  1. I’m more of a fan of the broad goals myself! Glad to “meet” you, I’d imagine we probably have friends in common already outside of blogging — the Iberian community is pretty small! 😀


    • Broad goals are great until I figure out where I sit in the grand scheme of things.
      It’s nice to “meet” you too. Especially since you seem to love teal/torquois as much as I do!
      We probably do know people in the same circles. We’ll have to chat about it some time soon!


      • Yes! If you’re on Instagram, look me up! My username there is ConfessionsofaDressage Barbie, and my real name is listed, which will lead you to my Facebook page 😁


      • My Instagram name is glitteringpony. I don’t post on it much but I check my feed daily. I’ll hold off on FB for now because until people know me & my sarcasm I feel like my FB screams ‘I haz opinionz’. Lol


      • Got really lucky. Bought Aria from a girl that was boarding her at RC Quarterhorses/where Mario stands his studs so I met them and then a year later this woman was selling Valeria with an Eski baby in utero for a stupid good price so I pulled the trigger knowing if the mare was not great the baby would be nicer. I’m so excited. 2 months away. Hoping for a filly.


  2. Ha I’m a huge believer in false bravado and “fake it til ya make it” lol. All the same tho, I like your goals. I find that I really enjoy horse showing – esp in dressage and eventing where the scores really are just all about me and my horse and our training journey together (rather than say, a timed show jumping round or the hunter ring). Maybe you’ll like it more than you think!


    • I’m being hopeful because it’s something I’d like to check off my bucket list. And not just showing but being reasonably successful at it. I’m just not sure how I’ll do when the pressure is on. Haha. Worst case I bomb my first show and then hit up all the following shows with a ‘who cares’ attitude so I can just enjoy myself.


  3. I am beginning to feel like a slacker- I haven’t put my goals down in black and white yet. Yours sound good to me. I quite enjoy showing but i know that not everyone does. I hope you find that you like it.


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