Holiday Weekend

Rain, wind, and illness kept me from getting any rides in over the holiday weekend or going to a lesson but that will hopefully change this next weekend!

So, bundled up under blankets I spent the weekend watching Korean dramas and The Hateful Eight. My cats kept me company and provided their mini furnace services. While I demolished a few boxes of tissues.

My sister and I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. As expected, it was fantastic.

I did bundle up to feed the horses and make sure they were brushed free of all mud each evening. They were all perfectly well behaved, probably because they knew I was sick. I love them for being so considerate.

Overall it was a pretty quiet and nice holiday weekend. The festivities will ramp up this weekend with Hanukkah ending and New Year’s Eve. Hope everyone else has enjoyed their holiday so far.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend

    • Kitty furnaces are the best when they don’t get offended that you had to shift a leg. Also, I’ve noticed my Bully kitty looks a lot like your grey kitty (forgive me for not knowing his name!).
      I’m feeling better today. Thanks!


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