Rainy Day Riding…

…yay or nay?

Now that the rainy season (if Southern California even has such a thing outside of El Niño) is here I plan on doing a lot less riding. Rain rolled in yesterday afternoon and is predicted to hang around until Saturday with hopes for a white Christmas.

It’s not even raining & they’re all being barn trolls.

I’ve noticed that everyone east of the Rockies seems to ride in the rain (and snow!!) and isn’t too concerned about riding the day after a storm. So I’m wondering how I can get more riding time in when the weather is crummy since we don’t really have covered arenas.

I wouldn’t ride in that but I’m also a pansy.

Obviously you have to factor in terrain. We have mostly clay down here and we flood a lot because of really shitty drainage. Mudslides and flash floods are common. Plus, my horses seem to lack any coordination if wet clay is involved. If they can’t even manage themselves, I have concerns about how they will manage with me on board. 

This barn boasts 3 arenas & a seasonal lake.

Okay but seriously, this is all of SoCal right now.

Additionally, I have born and bred SoCal horses. They are basically the stupid turkeys of the equine world when it comes to rain. They cannot handle water falling from the sky.  Not during bath time when they can shy away from it and certianly not when it’s coming down from every direction.

I almost drew a saddle & bridle on this turkey.

So, any tips about riding in non-ideal weather? Am I totally babying my horses and making a mountain out of a mole hill? Do I just need rain gear? 

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Riding…

  1. My general rule of thumb is that, “if I would show in it, I should school in it too.” Meaning, if I wouldn’t scratch for that type of weather then I better be prepared and practiced at riding in it.

    Of course there are considerations – ride too much in a wet arena and you risk punching through the base, undermining the arena footing stability. Additionally there’s no sense risking injury unnecessarily.

    Especially in non-winter conditions, I’m pretty ok with the idea that I’m not made of sugar and won’t melt in the rain. I’ve lessened and competed in some serious rain, and ridden out through snow storms before. All that said, tho? If there’s no real pressing training issue or schedule, and I don’t really feel like it? Eh. I don’t make myself feel guilty for taking rain days off 😉


    • Rain is pretty much the only bad weather we get and we don’t get that much of it but I think it’s sometimes an excuse to not get out there for me. Right now I’m not in training. Next year will probably be a different story but I also hope to be at a different property next winter with better riding conditions.


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