Wind & Rain & Lesson

Sunday’s lesson felt like a bust. Usually I ride Saturdays but downpours on Thursday and Friday made the arena too wet. It was really windy out (Santa Ana winds are such a buzz kill) and I was and currently am sick with whatever bug is going around. I hadn’t ridden in over a week so I decided to tough it out anyway. Probably a mistake since I had to miss work yesterday and feel like death warmed over today.

Hail Mary spent a lot of the ride thinking about spooking and actually spooking. Luckily I’m used to spooks because of Ben so it wasn’t hard to ride but it totally killed my practice dressage tests. Not that I don’t kill them all on my own already. My geometry is kind of sad going right.

I managed to sit my canter again this lesson. Woo! I lost it a few times but when I was diligent about not squeezing my knees and sitting down it was pretty nice. We worked on my transitions (specifically walk>trot>walk) but with all the wind getting a consistent speed was difficult. Horses just love to get full of themselves when it’s windy.

When spooking happened too many times we started work on on lateral work. Turning on the forehand to half pass to backing up and making it all smooth (because Mary likes to be lazy and slowly methodical about it all). It was a great brain exercise and for once I’m not sore all over from posting or going stirrup less for an hour. Haha.

Ugh. Seriously, why am I at work? I’m like patient zero right now. I’m the zombie apocalypse waiting to happen. Deadlines > illness.

4 thoughts on “Wind & Rain & Lesson

  1. ugh bummer about being sick and the crappy weather/wind conditions for the lesson. wind is like… kinda the worst sometimes lol. seems like you made it productive anyway tho!!


    • Yeah, I tried. I didn’t feel like I made progress but I also have to realize that sitting my canter even longer, not being afraid after a horse spooked twice (didn’t even take a break to settle myself), and working on finessing my cues is actually excellent progress. I don’t know what my expectations were lol
      Seems like rain followed by strong dry winds will be the M.O. for this winter, unfortunately. Of course we were like almost 80 degrees today and I had to be at work…terrible luck!


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