What’s In A Blog Name?

I haven’t read a ton of horse blogs but I’ve definitely found a few that I enjoy reading every time a new post goes up (like this one, this one, this one, and this one). Usually a blog name will grab my attention or I’ll find the post that explains why a blog has the name it does. It’s always really interesting to me.


When I decided to make my own blog I spent a couple days thinking about what I would call it. Spanish Walk made a lot of sense to me. Both sides of my family are Castilian Spanish but neither of my parents were born in Spain. My dad is American and my mom is Israeli. I spent a lot of my summers in Israel when I was growing up because it was really cheap to fly across Asia while living in Japan.


The sacred white horse at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto. Believed to be the origin of horseback riding customs in Japan.

Growing up in Japan during my younger years I learned to appreciate other cultures and some of their culture rubbed off on me. I catch myself wanting to bow when I meet superiors (this gets awkward sometimes). I use head nods a lot. I don’t have issues with communal bathing. I think it’s weird to pee if there isn’t some kind of ambient noise to drown out the sound. I pay extra for the Japanese channel because hearing it is extremely soothing.


My mom’s family, also Jewish, is very warm and loud. They’re always yelling even though they aren’t arguing. It’s something my dad has a hard time with because he’s totally Americanized. We learned to be ‘outgoing’ from my mom’s side when we visited Israel because if you didn’t yell you wouldn’t be heard. It’s a key method to success when you’re in a house with 75 people and need something.


Wooden bridge obstacle in working equitation.

Open door policies were learned from my mom’s family too. No one knocks and everyone helps themselves. My friends (once we moved back to the States) learned very quickly that they were always welcomed but always had to serve themselves. We treated people like family and our house was always full.


Garrocha exhibition.

In recent years I’ve tried to relearn Hebrew, Spanish, and Japanese because I used to be fluent but I’ve learned that my brain is just a complicated mess and I almost always confuse and eventually swap languages when I try to speak them. It’s disappointing because my mom can speak five languages fluently and I’m like: I have issues with English and it’s my native language. 😐


Skewering a ring with a pole obstacle in working equitation. Originates from garrocha.

So I’m a weird mishmash of cultures. I’m proud of all of them because they make me who I am. BUT when it comes to riding my identity is 100% Spanish. I was trained classically with an emphasis in working equitation and a smattering of other Spanish styles.


Spanish Walk has two meanings for this blog. One is the high stepping walk that baroque horses, like Aria and Valeria, are famous for and the other is my journey, my walk through life.


This sums up my life.

I’d ask if anyone has a special meaning to their blog name but I don’t think more than a handful of people look at my blog and I kind of already know a few. 🙂

13 thoughts on “What’s In A Blog Name?

  1. omg strong finish with that little pony!!! haha!

    great post tho – your multi cultural and multi national story kinda makes me feel like my ‘i was born and raised just a few neighborhoods over from where i live now’ story is …. slightly boring lol. it’s cool tho, we all are who we are, right?

    anyway i’m def intrigued by spanish horses – that style riding is not at all familiar to me but working equitation looks really fun! another blogger Andrea is working on it with her spanish stallion (maybe you already know the blog – http://uncatchablenumber257.blogspot.com/), and there are a few others with spanish style horses, like Teresa (http://journeywithadancinghorse.blogspot.com/) and Leah (http://www.dressagebarbie.com/)


    • It’s cool to have diversity but I’m jealous of all these people who have childhood friends from the womb or grew up in one place that they call ‘home’. We moved a lot so I’ve greatly enjoyed putting down roots but now I’m getting the itch to move again! Ugh. Haha. So I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.
      Working equitation is super fun and other horse breeds compete too. I’ve seen a lot of different English discipline and western riders compete as well. There’s also a super successful Appaloosa gelding who is missing both eyes that competes.
      I haven’t run into any of those blogs yet! I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks!


  2. I minored in Japanese Cultural Studies in Undergrad and T took Japanese in Grad School, both of our Japanese is extremely rusty since we don’t use it at all anymore. BUT we want to get back into it, so if you want to practice with someone in San Diego we’re totally in!


  3. Naming a Blog is no small thing- it took me a bit to come up with mine. I realized when I bought my PRE yearling that this was going to be quite the journey. I also had taken this photo of him that showed him dancing and ‘voila’ a title was born. I now have 6 year old PRE mare and we’re on a totally different journey so I’m glad I had that title. 🙂

    I have a real desire to learn working equitation- it looks like so much fun.


    • I need to get my girls to a PRE certification at some point. I think Aria will fail but Valeria should pass (sorry, total side note but your post reminded me lol).
      I’m really excited to go on this journey with my mares. I’ve had my quarter horse for so long, and I took such a long break from riding that I think it will be nice to ride a horse built for equitation and dressage (my quarter horse is actually a beautiful mover but the story about him is saved for a future post).
      I think Canada has a pretty large working equitation presence. Seems like it anyway. 🙂


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