If Saddles Were Wishes…

I was feeling a little under the weather last week so I didn’t do much horsey stuff and I didn’t have a lesson over the weekend because of scheduling conflicts so I don’t have much to write about. Unless you want to listen to me regale you with cleaning corrals and scheduling vet appointments for vaccines.

However, my birthday rolled on by and a few people asked me what I wanted . Since none of my friends are rich, and I would never ask for or accept a gift as expensive as a saddle from any of them, I did a bunch of ‘window’ shopping over the past week (I ended up with a new pair of winter riding boots courtesy of my parents!). The following are a few saddles that I wouldn’t mind sitting in my tack room.


The standard marjoman Spanish saddle. This one is suede which is a total deal breaker but this exact saddle comes in 12 different colors and your choice of smooth leather or suede.


An Iberian dressage saddle. I would actually pick black on black instead of black with brown accents or go totally brown but I like how discreet the stirrup fasteners (the loop on the back of the saddle) are. Side note: the stirrup fasteners are for doing ground or stirrup-less work so that they don’t bang the horse’s sides when working them. All the saddles in this post have them!


A potrera saddle. I really love the color of this saddle. I also like how the stirrup leathers attach like an English saddle for easier adjustments. Not a feature I’m used to seeing on Spanish/Portuguese saddles that have the built in seat flare.


A marjoman relvas saddle. This one makes my heart go pitter patter. I really covet this style saddle, in this exactly leather combo, and hope to own one eventually.


This two-tone Portuguese relvas saddle is beautiful and so simple. I’d like to pretend I’d keep that white leather clean.


An alta escuela saddle. The work horse of Spanish saddles. I’d only need one but I’d want it customized to my butt.


A Portuguese Riaño saddle. This is definitely one of my ‘if I won the lotto’ saddles. I may never own one but I adore these. The blue looks pretty hot but I have a grey mare that would look like a million bucks if the blue velvet was actually burgundy. This is really similar to a Portuguese bullfighting saddle which is what I rode in with my old trainer.


And then of course the final saddle is literally a reproduction of the Prince of Persia potrera saddle. Because why not?


I mean, come on, that shit is hot. If I had the money, I’d get that custom fit for Aria right now. Your choice of green, royal blue, navy, or black with English tan or black leather accents.

All this saddle shopping just leads to stirrup shopping. Which is a whole other post in the making.


2 thoughts on “If Saddles Were Wishes…

  1. That’s how I was about English saddles for a long time (I didn’t used to know the difference between an all-purpose, jump, and hunt saddle!). When I started dressage saddle shopping I realized there are so many and they’re all pretty classy.


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