Princess Diaries II

Aria is an Andalusian. That means she’s suppose to be magnificent in all her dreamy baroque glory. Unfortunately for the princess, while she has many qualities I love, being a photogenic vision isn’t one of them.

Being a lanky 3 year old isn’t helping either.


I don’t recall buying a dairy cow. Those hip bones.

At least her lankiness shows off all her angles…The above picture was back in July just before she went into training. Much different than the picture below when I first got her September 2015.


Look at how great I am at making my head and neck look huge.

Bonus, she prefers to stand squared. This should make my dressage life easy.


I wear it this way so my ears can breathe.


And now I will make my neck disappear! Cheese.


Long face is long.

This horse doesn’t have a good camera angle. lol.


I’m busy pretending to be a puddle. Saw the cat doing it. You can clean corrals later.


Uncertainty and displeasure bring out her helicopter ears. Fwoop fwoop fwoop fwoop fwoop.

She’s so majestical.

I’ll try to get some current pictures to compare her last 4 months of growth. She’s filling out just a bit now that she’s 4.

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