“It’s Like Sitting In A Chair”…Right.

I found my canter seat. Sweet fat baby Jesus, I found my canter seat. It really was my knees that were the culprit. I swear, the worst thing I ever did was stop going to the gym. I have no self-awareness of my body anymore…

Relaxing my knees was all it took and suddenly I was cantering around the arena without much issue. It wasn’t super pretty or perfect but at least I wasn’t getting thrown around in the saddle. I rode Hail Mary, again. Decided to forego gloves, which was a good and bad thing. I was able to control my reins better (adding my pinkie on the snaffle helped a lot too) but on the flip side they really dug into my hands. Note to self: take off ring when riding. Guess I had a bit of a death grip trying to get a collected canter out of a really fresh horse. Haha…omg. Seriously. I’m the worst re-rider ever.

How did I lose everything!? I was working on my transitions and in an effort to get a perfect downward transition from the canter to a working trot I literally forgot to steer the horse. Working on lateral movements, the hindquarters were trailing, so I applied outside rein but then also increased inside leg for some reason?? So our angle wasn’t changing at all. I couldn’t remember to change my diagonals so I was posting around like a beginner. I was such a hot mess. My brain was not working.


I felt bad for P. I try not to be That Rider. You know, the one that doesn’t take instruction well and just can’t get their act together when it requires doing more than one thing at a time. At one point she told me “Not bad…Not great either. Haha…” That pretty much summed up the whole lesson. A less that mediocre performance from me.


But you know what? Doesn’t even matter because I sat my canter.

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