The Princess Diaries

I try to see Aria every weekend to give her treats and spend some time with her but it doesn’t always happen because I can’t always drive the hour and forty-five minutes to see her (which means I don’t always get a lesson every week either). Last weekend she wasn’t feeling well, probably because we had such a dramatic spike in heat and her fly spray stopped working effectively.

As R puts it, she’s a princess. A very spoiled princess. She’s not so sour that she’s a brat but when I got her it was very obvious that no one told her ‘no’ when she was growing up so she thought her behavior was acceptable. She’s learning to change very quickly and her truly sweet personality is shining through more. I don’t know that her desire for mischief will ever go away, but I’m secretly happy about that because I think it’s one of her better qualities.

She’s also a total princess because she’s allergic to everything. It would be easier to name what she isn’t allergic to. Flies are one of her big ones. So with her fly spray not working she’s developing hives and it’s making her miserable. I discussed changing her fly spray with R but it’s a crap shoot because she could also be allergic to it. We’re going to give a new spray a shot anyway and see what happens. I may have to break out her fly sheet but it gets too hot to wear it sometimes.

Currently I have her on allergy therapy shots which seemed to do well over the summer but are failing a little with this late fall heat wave. I also give her flax seed oil for an Omega-3 & -6 boost. Her immune system needs all the help it can get to keep her histamine reactions down. Because she lives on a diet of timothy hay and rice bran I also give her Red Cell to help round out any deficiencies her diet may have. So far it’s been about management. I can’t keep her away for everything she’s allergic to (like barn dust), so I try to minimize her exposure as much as I can.

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