French Fries, Home Fries, Small Fries

My lesson on Saturday was moved from 9am to 3pm and I think in the future I’ll just pass on a lesson if it’s that late in the day during the fall/winter because I got home really late and wasn’t productive with my own horses at all.

Another lesson on Small Fry. I really like that little fjord but I’m still struggling to sit her hindquarter popping canter. I’m still not sitting down and apparently still standing in my stirrups. Even with P telling me to sit down and relax my leg  I can’t seem to actually do it. So I requested a bigger horse for my next lesson to get my seat back. Which means I’ll be riding Digger, a huge BLM mustang that belongs to one of R’s clients. He’s nice to ride, such a push button horse but also really heavy. I’ll be hurting next week!

We’re working on my rising trot because I have a harder time holding a horse together when I’m posting. I’ve got it down at the sitting trot because that’s pretty much all I did in my classical training. Small Fry refused to stay on the rail this lesson which caused a lot of disagreements between the two of us. So much so that at one point I stopped listening to P and just worked in a circle until Small Fry dropped her head and started collecting for me. Apparently another student had ridden her during the week and let her get away with not riding on the rail. It was a tough lesson but at least P said I was 90% ‘on’ the whole time. That’s pretty good considering a few lessons ago I was pretty much throwing my aids away every time I would rise to post. My heels have come back down, so the spurs aren’t cramping my style anymore. My shoulders have certainly noticed that I’m no longer holding horses in a frame but that little french fry wasn’t giving me anything for free.

I also dropped off a weeks’ worth of Benadryl for Aria and threw her fly sheet on. Between her fly spray not working and her poop being loose she’s just covered head to toe in flies and hives. Poor baby dumb-dumb. They take very good care of her but that doesn’t stop me from wishing I was closer to help. I am going to have a local vet out to check her since she needs her vaccinations anyway.

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