[EDIT: Not sure what happened but my first two posts got updated and shuffled around to a newer date.]

I figured my second post would be introducing myself but I really felt the spontaneity of what I did end up posting was more appropriate and indicative of what you’re in for. That being said, let’s dive in to who I am and what horses I now have.

My name is Karen (I know, another Karen. I think baby name books should warn parents that a child named Karen will be obsessed with horses). I live in San Diego, California. I’m 32, work as a test analyst for an IT company, and produce for an indy game studio. I’ve always been horse obsessed. Since the day I saw Rainbow Brite come riding in on her flamboyant stallion, Starlite, I was hooked. I had so many My Little Ponies, Grand Champions, Fashion Star Fillies, and She-Ra’s Swift Winds (in 3 colors!) it was like someone puked pastel ponies all over my room. When I was eight I had my first riding lesson and when I turned eleven my parents got my sister and I our first horse. My parents never really got into horses but they supported our passion for them. And while I no longer have the wonderful horses from my childhood, I do have my current micro herd.

The first of my horses is a 20 year old Quarter Horse/Paint gelding named Ben that I adore. I’ve had him since he was 5. He came into my life at a difficult time. I don’t know that he was what I needed but I don’t have any major regrets about his purchase. He’s so incredibly sweet, acts like a horse half his age, is a gem in the arena, and is the source of all my riding hopes and fears.

My next horse is a 4 year old Andalusian filly named Aria. I fondly call her ‘Baby Dumb-dumb’ because even at 4 she is a gangly mess with no awareness of her feet. I purchased her a year ago and she’s been in full time training for almost 2 months. She’s very playful and very mischievous. Definitely ‘too smart for her own good’ smart.

My NEW! third horse is a 6 year old Andalusian mare named Valeria that I, as you know from the previous spontaneous post, literally just purchased. She’s currently in foal and expecting to drop in early March. Her personality is very mild. She’s horribly buddy sour and her ground manner suck, so we’ll be working on giving her confidence and teaching her to work with me. She has the same mannerisms as Aria but she’s more grown up about it.

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