Horse Head to the Face

I was clobbered upside the head twice by Valeria this week. I’m not used to a horse who isn’t aware or polite about where you exist in their space. I knew she had some ground manner issues and I learned very quickly that she’s incredibly buddy sour. It’s not like I didn’t know I’d have my work cut out for me but dang, does getting walloped back to back make your head ring! I think the only thing that saved me from getting a concussion is that she wasn’t wearing any tack and she has a big squishy mouth (seriously, her muzzle is so drafty).

I was originally going to post something else, but I wanted to write about this here because all my non-horsey friends are screaming that I should go to the doctor and get checked, but the truth is, what equestrian hasn’t been sucker punched by a rouge horse head?

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